Beyond Steel
  • Women of Bethlehem Steel
  • The Women of Bethlehem Steel collection represents the stories of women who worked at Bethlehem Steel Corporation from the mid-20th century through the sell and closure of the company in 2003. These oral histories convey a variety of experiences from women who worked on the shop floor, company executives, to women with strong family ties to the industry. The narrators describe their work, how they balanced their occupation with their home life, how they were treated by their male co-workers, and the effects of Bethlehem Steel's decline. In addition to audio and video recordings, this collection houses a variety of photos of women at work and portraits of former employees.

    This project is a collaboration between Lehigh University and the Steelworkers' Archives and is made possible by a grant from Lehigh University's Mellon Digital Humanities Initiative and support from Lehigh University's South Side Initiative.

    • Principal Investigators - Julia Maserjian & Seth Moglen
    • Steelworkers' Archives - Jill Schennum & Susan Vitez
    • Technology Coordinator - Rob Weidman
    • Faculty Advisors - Kim Carrell-Smith
    • Indexing and descriptions - Sarah Heidebrink-Bruno & Joanna Grim
    • Transcriptionists - Karen Myers & Amey Senape
  • Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company Records
  • A project to digitize the maps and drawings of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company held by Lehigh University's Special Collections. Pennsylvania's wealth of extractable resources fueled the emergence of the coal, iron, and steel industries throughout the Lehigh Valley. After its founding in 1822, the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company (LCNC) became one of the most important companies in the emergence of the American Industrial Revolution for its innovative approach to canal systems, iron production and coal mining. LCNC transported anthracite coal from Mauch Chunk (now Jim Thorpe) to Easton and Philadelphia, reaching New York by the 1830s. The collection includes drawings of canal locks, gates, boats, dams, and maps that include the locations of the locks and the property lines surrounding the canals, providing a snapshot of a regional technological and industrial history.

    This project is made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services as administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education through the Office of Commonwealth Libraries, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, Governor.

    • Principal Investigator - Lois F. Black
    • Project Manager - Ilhan Citak
    • Technical Coordinator - Rob Weidman
    • Consultants - Christine Roysdon, Julia Maserjian
    • Controlled Vocabularies - Lisa McColl
    • Metadata and Quality Control - Devin Bostick, Greg Edwards, Abby McBride
    • In-house scanning - Siddharth Ambatipudi
    • Digitization Vendor - Backstage Library Works
  • In the Age of Steel: Oral Histories from Bethlehem Pennsylvania
  • A series of interviews conducted by Lehigh University students and faculty from 1974 through 1977 focusing on retired Bethlehem Steel workers, business people, and the heirs of industrial magnates. The project was co-sponsored by Bethlehem Steel Corporation, who provided contact information for retired steel workers. This project was made possible through federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds administered by the Office of Commonwealth Libraries.

    • Project Manager - Julia Maserjian
    • Technical Coordinator - Rob Weidman
    • Consultant - Linda Shopes
    • Metadata and Quality Control - Mike Keeports
    • Transcription Annotations - Elizabeth Erwin, Charles Martin
    • Transcriptions - Karen Myers, Technitype Transcripts, Mediascribe
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