Beyond Steel

Atlas of Northampton County, Pennsylvania : from actual surveys

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[3][Table]: Distance table, showing distances between towns, in miles and tenths, measured on the nearest public road ; Population from U.S. Census of 1870 ; Post offices
[5][Illustration]: County map of the state of Pennsylvania
7[Illustration]: Outline map of Northampton Co. [County] PA
9Allen Township business notices ; Stemton business notices ; Siegfried's Bridge business notices
[Illustration]: Allen [map] ; Kreidersville [map inset on page]
11[Illustration]: Stempton [map] ; Siegfried Bridge [map] ; Newport [map]
13Bethlehem Township business notices
[Illustration]: Bethlehem [map]
16-17[Illustration]: Part of Bethlehem [map]
20-21[Illustration]: Part of Bethlehem [map]
23Bethlehem business notices
[Illustration]: Freemansburg, Bethlehem Township [map] ; Middletown [map inset on page]
25Bushkill Township business notices
[Illustration]: Bushkill [map]
27Bath business notices
[Illustration]: Weaversville [map] ; Cherry Hill [map] ; Borough of Bath [map]
29East Allen Township business notices
[Illustration]: East Allen [map]
31[Illustration]: Plan of Easton
34-35Easton business notices
[Illustration]: Plan of Easton showing the 1st [first], 2nd [second], 3rd [third], 4th [fourth], and 5th [fifth] wards
38-39[Illustration]: Plan of Easton showing the 6th [sixth] ward
41[Illustration]: Easton showing the part of 3rd [third] ward
44-45[Illustration]: Plan of Easton part of 7th [seventh] ward
47Forks Township business notices ; Hanover Township business notices
[Illustration]: Forks [map] ; Hanover [map]
49[Illustration]: Lehigh [map]
52-53Lehigh Township business notices ; Lower Mt. Bethel Tp. [Township] business notices
[Illustration]: Walnutport, Lehigh Township [map] ; Martins Creek [map] ; Cherryville [map] ; Lower Mount Bethel [map] ; Redington [map]
55Lower Nazareth Township business notices
[Illustration]: Leithsville [map] ; Shivegovenor Works [map] ; Bingen [map] ; Lower Nazareth [map]
58-59Hellertown business notices, Lower Saucon Township ; Lower Saucon Township business notices
[Illustration]: Borough of Hellertown [map] ; Seidersville [map] ; Lower Saucon [map]
62-63South Bethlehem business notices
[Illustration]: South Bethlehem Borough
66-67Moore Township business notices ; Palmer Township business notices
[Illustration]: Moore [map] ; Palmer [map] ; Stockertown [map]
70-71Upper Nazareth Township business notices ; Plainfield Township business notices
[Illustration]: Upper Nazareth [map] ; Plainfield [map] ; Klecknersville [map] ; Chapman Borough [map]
73Nazareth Borough business notices
[Illustration]: Nazareth [map]
76Upper Mount Bethel business notices
[Illustration]: Upper Mount Bethel [map] ; Johnsonville P.O. [map] ; Slateford [map] ; Centreville [map]
79Business notices, Portland
[Illustration]: Portland [map] ; Delpsburg [map] ; Mount Bethel [map]
81Washington Township business notices
[Illustration]: Washington [map]
83Bangor (Washington Towns'p [Township]) business notices
[Illustration]: Bangor [map] ; Ackermanville P.O. [map] ; Richmond [map]
85Glendon Borough business notices ; Williams Township business notices
[Illustration]: Part of Glendon Borough [map] ; Williamsport [map] ; Raubsville [map] ; Flicksville [map]
87[Illustration]: Williams [map]
90-91South Easton business notices
[Illustration]: Borough of South Easton [map]
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