Beyond Steel

In the Age of Steel: Oral Histories from Bethlehem Pennsylvania -- Ernst B. Schulz

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Creator: Schulz, Ernst B. [interviewee] ; Churgin, Amy (Roland) [interviewer]
Annotation: Ernst B. Schulz (ca. 1897-April 27, 1985), born in Cleveland, Ohio, was the son of Ernst P. and Agnes Schulz, née Krause. He was married to Catherine Schulz, née Lillie. Schulz was a professor of political science at Lehigh University and was with the school from 1927 to 1966. from 1945-66. In this interview he discusses his education, family, neighborhoods, leisure activities, his writing, and his activities as an advisor to the Bethlehem City Charter Commission. He also discusses aspects of his experience at Lehigh including changing student attitudes, fellow academics, and the impact of World War II on the university.
This interview is part of a series of interviews conducted by Lehigh University students and faculty from 1974 through 1977 focusing on retired Bethlehem Steel workers, business people, and the heirs of industrial magnates. The project was co-sponsored by Bethlehem Steel Corporation, who provided contact information for retired steel workers. An oral history interview is an act of memory and hence both highly selective and highly subjective. While it accurately reflects what a narrator remembers (or chooses to tell) of his or her experience and viewpoints, it may not accurately represent what actually transpired or what another person may have experienced. As such users should subject interviews to the same degree of critical scrutiny they would any other historical source.
Description: mp3 file ; transcript; index
Duration: 50:03:00
Publisher: Bethlehem, Pa. : Lehigh University
Date: 1975
Subject: Education ; Leisure ; Neighborhoods ; Municipal Government
Contributor: Lehigh University; This project was made possible through federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds administered by the Office of Commonwealth Libraries.
00:00:00Ancestry and schooling
00:02:23Prior residences
00:05:55Jobs prior to Lehigh University
00:06:55Coming to Bethlehem
00:08:34Composition of Department of History and Government
00:10:22Residences in Bethlehem
00:14:10Changes in Bethlehem
00:18:48Impressions of some leaders at Lehigh
00:22:20Leisure activities
00:26:01 Community involvement
00:27:44Social activities at Lehigh
00:31:29Student-faculty relations
00:34:21WWII impact on Lehigh
00:36:26Political views of faculty
00:37:27Advisor to the Bethlehem City Charter Commission
00:38:45Views on militarism

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