"Villainy Detected!" Crime and Consequences in Britain and America in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
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The science of garotting and housebreaking

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Page 83Illustration: The strongroom keys of that period were monstrous engines, tortured with complex wards of every conceivable shape
Page 84Illustration: The jack-in-the-box was invented; a small compact article, and very portable, the use of which was to force the lock off, or rend the case sufficiently to allow its bolts to be drawn back.
Page 85Illustration: [instrument used by thiefs to drill into locks]
Page 86Illustration: [instrument used by thiefs to drill into locks]
Page 87Illustration: [a panel cutter, used by burglars for more quiet entries]
Page 88Illustration: [an instrument used to force doors open]
Page 89Illustration: [forceps that are used to open doors when a key is left in the lock]
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