"Villainy Detected!" Crime and Consequences in Britain and America in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
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A General and True History of the Lives and Actions of the most Famous Highwaymen, Murderers, Street-Robbers, &c...

[frontmatter 1]Illustration: Capt. Hen,Morgan before Panama which he took from the Spaniards.
[frontmatter 2]A General and True History of the Lives and Actions of the most Famous Highwaymen, Murderers, Street-Robbers, &c. To which is added, A Genuine Account of the Voyages and Plunders of the most Noted Pirates. Interspersed with several Remarkable Tryals of the most Notorious Malefactors, at the Sessions-House in the Old Baily, London. Adorn'd with the Effigies, and other material Transactions of the most remarkable Offenders, engraved on Copper-Plates.
[frontmatter 3]
[frontmatter 4]The Introduction.
[frontmatter 5]The Introduction.
Page 1A General and True History of the Lives and Actions of the most Famous Highwaymen, Murderers, Street-Robbers, &c.
Page 2A True and particular Relation of the Victory obtain'd by the Arms of his Catholick Majesty, against the English, Pyrates, by the Direction and Valour of Don John Perez de Guzman, Knight of the Order of St. James, Governor and Captain General of Tierra Firme, and the Province of Veraguas.
Page 3
Page 4A Description of the Island of Cuba.
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Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12
Page 13A Letter of Don Alonso del Campo y Espinosa, Admiral of the Spanish Fleet, to Captain Morgan, Commander of the Pirates.
Page 14
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Page 16
Page 17
Page 18
Page 19
Page 20The Life of Capt. Phillip Stafford.
Page 21
Page 22
Page 23
Page 24
Page 25A Song.
Page 26
Page 27Verses. By Capt. Stafford.
Page 28
Page 28aIllustration: The Golden Farmer and the Tinker.
Page 29The Life of the Golden Farmer.
Page 30
Page 30aIllustration: Sawney Beane at the Entrance of his Cave.
Page 31The Life of Sawney Beane.
Page 32
Page 33The Life of Captain Dudley.
Page 34
Page 35
Page 36
Page 37
Page 38
Page 39The Life of Old Mob.
Page 40
Page 41
Page 42
Page 43
Page 44
Page 45The Life of Major Stede Bonnet.
Page 46
Page 47
Page 48
Page 49The Lord Chief Justice's Speech, on his pronouncing Sentence of Death on Major Stede Bonnet.
Page 50The Life of Sir John Falstaff.
Page 50aIllustration: Sir John Falstaff & his Companions at Gad's Hill.
Page 51
Page 52
Page 53
Page 54
Page 55
Page 56
Page 57The Life of Arthur Chambers.
Page 58
Page 59
Page 60
Page 61
Page 62
Page 63
Page 64The Life of Sir Gosselin Denville.
Page 65
Page 66
Page 67
Page 68
Page 69The Life of Robin Hood.
Page 70
Page 71
Page 72
Page 73
Page 74
Page 75The Life of Thomas Dun.
Page 76
Page 77
Page 78
Page 78aIllustration: S. Cunningham's adventure with his Old Nurse and Astrologer.
Page 79The Life of Sawney Cunningham.
Page 80
Page 81
Page 82
Page 83
Page 84
Page 85
Page 86The Life of Walter Tracey.
Page 87
Page 88
Page 89
Page 90
Page 91
Page 92
Page 93
Page 94
Page 94aIllustration: Nan. Holland & Tristram Savage Robbing Dr. Trotter in Moorfields
Page 95The Life of Ann Holland.
Page 96The Life of Dick Morris.
Page 97
Page 98
Page 99The Life of Jack Goodwin.
Page 100The Life of Will Elby.
Page 101
Page 102The Life of Thomas Witherington.
Page 103
Page 104
Page 105
Page 106
Page 107
Page 108
Page 109
Page 110
Page 111The Life of Thomas Rumbold.
Page 112
Page 113
Page 114
Page 115
Page 116
Page 117
Page 118
Page 119
Page 120
Page 120aIllustration: Capt. Hind Robbing Col. Harrison in Maidenhead-Thicket.
Page 121The Life of Capt. James Hind.
Page 121 [i.e. Page 122]
Page 122 [i.e. Page 123]
Page 124
Page 125To the Memory of Captain Hind. By a Poet of his own Time.
Page 126The Life of Claude du Vall.
Page 126aIllustration: Du Vall Robbing Squire Roper, Mast'r of ye Buck Hounds to King Charles II. In Windsor Forest.
Page 127
Page 128
Page 129
Page 130Apindarick Ode. To the Happy Memory of the most Renown'd Du Vall. By the Author of Hudibras.
Page 131
Page 132The Life of James Batson.
Page 133
Page 134
Page 135
Page 136
Page 137
Page 138The Life of William Nevison.
Page 139
Page 140
Page 141The Life of Jack Bird.
Page 142
Page 142aIllustration: Capt. Avery & his Crew taking one of ye Great Moguls. Ships.
Page 143The Life of Captain Avery.
Page 144
Page 145
Page 146
Page 147
Page 148The Life of Captain Martel.
Page 149
Page 150The Life of Captain Teach, alias Black-Beard.
Page 150aIllustration: Captain Teach commonly call'd Black Beard.
Page 151
Page 152By his Magesty's Lieutenant-Governor, and Commander in Chief, of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, A Proclamation, Publishing the Rewards to be given for apprehending or killing Pirates.
Page 153
Page 154
Page 154aIllustration: Captain Edward England.
Page 155The Life of Captain Edward England.
Page 156
Page 157A Letter from Captain Mackra, dated at Bombay, November 16, 1720.
Page 158
Page 159
Page 160
Page 161
Page 162
Page 163The Life of Captain Charles Vane.
Page 164
Page 165The Life of Captain John Rackam.
Page 166
Page 167The Life of Mary Read.
Page 168
Page 169The Life of Anne Bonny.
Page 170
Page 171The Life of Captain Howel Davis.
Page 172
Page 173
Page 174
Page 175A Description of the Islands of St. Thome, Del Principe, and Annobono.
Page 176
Page 177
Page 178
Page 179
Page 180The Life of Captain Bartho. Roberts.
Page 180aIllustration: Capt. Bartholomew Roberts
Page 181A Description of Brasil, &c.
Page 182
Page 183
Page 184
Page 185
Page 186The following is the Substance of the Articles, as taken from the Pirates own Information.
Page 187
Page 188
Page 189
Page 190
Page 191A List of the White Men, who lived on the High Land of Sierraleon, when Roberts was there, and the Craft they occupy.
Page 192
Page 193
Page 194
Page 195
Page 196
Page 197
Page 198
Page 199The Trials of the Pirates. Taken by His Majesty's Ship the Swallow, begun at Cape Corso-Castle, on the Coast of Africa, March the 28th, 1722. [;] You, James Skyrm, Michael Lemmon, Robert Hartley, &c.
Page 200You, Harry Glasby, William Davison, William Champnies, Samuel Morwell, &c.
Page 201
Page 202William Church, Phil. Haak, James White, Nich. Brattle, Hugh Riddle, William Thomas, Thomas Roberts, Jo. Richards, Jo. Cane, R. Wood, R. Scot, Wm. Davison, Sam. Morwell, Edward Evans, Wm. Guineys, and 18 French Men. [;] Tho. Sutton, David Sympson, Christo. Moody, Phil. Bill, R. Hardy, Hen. Dennis, David Rice, Wm. Williams, R. Harris, Geo. Smith, Ed. Watts, Jo. Mitchell, and James Barrow. [;] You Dav. Sympson, Wm. Magnes, R. Hardy, Tho. Sutton, Christo. Moody, and Val. Ashplant. [;] Warrant of Execution. [;] William Phillips.
Page 203Harry Glasby, Master.
Page 204Captain James Skyrm. [;] John Walden.
Page 205Peter Scudamore.
Page 206Robert Johnson. [;] George Wilson.
Page 207Benjamin Jeffreys. [;] Jo. Mansfield.
Page 208William Davis.
Page 209The Life of Madam Churchill.
Page 210
Page 211The Life of Jack Ovet.
Page 212The Gentlewoman's Answer.
Page 213The Life of William Cady.
Page 214
Page 215
Page 216The Life of Thomas Wynne, A House-breaker and Murderer.
Page 217
Page 218The Life of Thomas Savage.
Page 218aIllustration: Tho: Savage Returning to Hanah Blay's Lodgings.
Page 219
Page 220The Life of Colonel Jack.
Page 220aIllustration: Colonel Jack Robbing Mrs. Smith going to Kentish Town
Page 221
Page 222
Page 223
Page 224
Page 225
Page 226
Page 227
Page 228
Page 229
Page 230
Page 231The Life of Whitney.
Page 232
Page 236 [i.e. Page 233]
Page 234
Page 235An Account of the Murder of the Reverend Mr. John Talbot.
Page 233 [i.e. Page 236]
Page 237The Life of the German Princess.
Page 238
Page 239
Page 240
Page 241
Page 242Verses on the German Princess.
Page 243The Life of Thomas Waters.
Page 244
Page 245The Life of Captain Evan Evans.
Page 246
Page 247The Life of Stephen Bunce.
Page 248
Page 249
Page 250The Life of Dick Low.
Page 251
Page 252The Life of Jack Hall
Page 253
Page 254The Life of Dick Hughes.
Page 255
Page 256The Life of Harvey Hutchins.
Page 257
Page 258The Life of Jack Withers.
Page 259
Page 260The Life of Will Maw.
Page 261The Life of Nicholas Wells.
Page 262
Page 263The Life of William Holloway.
Page 264
Page 265The Life of Avery.
Page 266The Life of Dick Adams.
Page 267Mr. Adam's Bill, April the 20th, 1711.
Page 268The History of the Waltham Blacks and their Transactions, to the Death of Richard Parvin, Edward Elliot, Robert Kingshel, Henry Marshal, John and Edward Pink, and James Ansell, alias Phillips, at Tyburn, whose Lives are also included.
Page 269
Page 270
Page 271A Letter to Mr. C.D. in London.
Page 272The Life of Joseph Blake, alias Blueskin.
Page 273
Page 274The Life of Jack Shepherd.
Page 275
Page 276
Page 277The Life of Moll Raby.
Page 278
Page 279The Life of William Gettings.
Page 280
Page 280aIllustration: The Murder of Thomas Thynn Esq. in Pall-Mall
Page 281The Life of Capt. Uratz, Highwayman, and Murder of Thomas Thynn, Esq; in the Pall-Mall.
Page 282
Page 283The Life of Lewis Houssart.
Page 284
Page 285The Life of Jonathan Wild.
Page 286
Page 287
Page 288
Page 289
Page 290
Page 291
Page 292The Life of Tom Jones.
Page 293
Page 294The Life of Tim. Buckley.
Page 295
Page 296The Life of Mol Cutpurse, a Pickpocket and Highway-woman.
Page 297
Page 298
Page 299The Life of Jonathan Simpson.
Page 300
Page 301The Life of Moll Jones.
Page 302The Life of Tom Taylor.
Page 303The Life of Jack Witherington.
Page 304
Page 305
Page 306The Life of Tom Cox.
Page 307The Life of Simon Fletcher.
Page 308The Life of Patrick Flemming.
Page 309
Page 310The Life of Sawny Dowglas.
Page 311The Life of William Bew.
Page 312The Life of John Cottington, alias Mul-Sack.
Page 312aIllustration: John Cottington alias Mull Sack Robbing ye Oxford Waggon Wherein he found Four Thousand Pounds in Money.
Page 313
Page 314
Page 315The Life of Tom Austin.
Page 316The Lives of Edward and Joan Bracey.
Page 317
Page 318The Life of Ann Harris.
Page 319
Page 320The Life of Tom Sharp.
Page 321
Page 322
Page 323The Life of George Seager.
Page 324
Page 325The Life of Ned Bonnet.
Page 326
Page 327
Page 328The Life of Jack Shrimpton.
Page 329
Page 330The Lives of Cristopher Dickson, John Gibson, and Charles Weymouth.
Page 331
Page 332The Lives of Edward Burnworth, alias Frazier, William Blewit, Thomas Berry, Emanuel Dickenson, William Majoram, John Higgs, &c.
Page 333
Page 334
Page 335
Page 332 [i.e. Page 336]
Page 337The Life of Tom Kelsey.
Page 338
Page 339The Life of Richard Keele.
Page 340
Page 341The Life of Patrick O-Bryan.
Page 342
Page 343The Life of Eleoner Sympson.
Page 344
Page 345The Life of Edward Hinton.
Page 346
Page 347The Life of Captain Worley.
Page 348
Page 348aIllustration: Capt. George Lowther and his Company at Port Mayo, in the Gulph of Matique.
Page 349The Life of Capt George Lowther.
Page 350The Articles of Captain George Lowther, and his Company.
Page 351
Page 352
Page 353
Page 354The Life of Captain Spriggs.
Page 355
Page 356The Life of Captain Philip Roche, &c.
Page 357
Page 358The Life of Captain John Gow, alias Smith.
Page 359The Life of Captain Brigstock Weaver, and William Ingram.
Page 360
Page 361The Life of Captain John Upton.
Page 362
Page 363The Life of Captain Edward Low.
Page 364
Page 365
Page 366
Page 367
Page 368The Life of Captain John Jaen.
Page 369
Page 370The Life of Ned Wicks.
Page 371
Page 372The Life of Nan Hereford.
Page 373
Page 374The Life of Tom Marsh.
Page 375
Page 376The Life of Jack Addison.
Page 377The Life of Andrew Baynes.
Page 378
Page 379The Life of James Filewood.
Page 380
Page 381The Lives of William Ward, Samuel Lynn, Ralph Emmery, Robert Vickers, John Prior, and Francis Parquet.
Page 382
Page 383The Lives of John Trippuck the Golden-Tinman, Robert Cane, Thomas Charnock, and Richard Shepherd.
Page 384
Page 385The Lives of John Hawkins and George Sympson
Page 386
Page 387
Page 388
Page 389The Lives of Will Ogden and Tom Reynolds.
Page 390
Page 391The Life of Zachary Clare.
Page 392
Page 395 [i.e. Page 393]An Account of Sarah Malcolm.
Page 394
Page 395The Life of Tom Dorbel.
Page 396
Page 397The Lives of Jack Collings, Kit Moor, and Daniel Hughes.
Page 398The Life of John Price.
Page 399
Page 400
Page 401The Lives of Tom Garret, Kit Banister, and John Wheeler.
Page 402
Page 403
Page 404The Life of Catherine Hayes.
Page 405
Page 406
Page 407
Page 408
Page 409
Page 410
Page 411The Life of Mr. Robert Foulkes.
Page 412
Page 413The Life of Colonel James Turner.
Page 414
Page 415The Life of Harman Strodman.
Page 416The Life of Jack Collet, alias Cole
Page 417The Life of Jocelin Harwood.
Page 418
Page 419The Life of Richard Walton, commonly call'd the Conjuror.
Page 420An Elegy on the Death of Richard Walton.
Page 421Epitath. [;] The Life of John Stevens, alias Henry Cook.
Page 422
Page 423
Page 424
Page 425
Page 426
Page 427A Complete Index of Malefactor's Names.
Page 428

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