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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Page 001Front cover.
Page 002Front fly-leaf. Includes Gunn's notes and a decorative sketch of his name and the date.
Page 003Gives the date range of entries for the diary.
Page 004Blank page.
Page 005 [07-18-1849]Discusses his day meeting with engravers and lithographers, trying to sell his work, and going to the ''Five Points'' slum in the evening with two friends.
Page 006 [07-19-1849]Describes seeing the play ''New York as It Is'' at the National Theater in New York. Discusses a day spent meeting with publishers and trying to sell his work.
Page 007 [07-21-1849]Describes two advertisements he placed, one for drawing pupils and one for news of William Barth. Comments on the difference between his friend George Bolton's life in Oxfordshire and his present work at a Pork Shop in Jersey City and the hardships of working in general.
Page 008 [07-22-1849]Mentions working on his project ''Mose among the Britishers,'' and the possibility of illustrating a guide book projected by the Erie Railway Company. Mentions playing dominoes.
Page 009 [07-25-1849]Mentions drawing and playing dominoes. Gives his thoughts on suicide throughout history.
Page 010 [07-26-1849]Continues his thoughts on suicide. Comments on pursuing work with local publishers and his frustration with the difficulties of ''getting up fortune's ladder.''
Page 011 [07-29-1849]Describes a trip to New York with George Bolton and a walk on the Battery by the water. Lists the publishers and lithographers he met while in search for work.
Page 012 [07-31-1849]Comments on a night out drinking and the male and female performers he witnessed. Describes his day seeking work.
Page 013 [08-03-1849]Mentions an argument with Stringer and an Irish girl named Marguerite, who was stitching his pants.
Page 014 [08-05-1849]Mentions meeting a man from Scotland who is volunteering to join a party to travel overland to California. Describes the trouble caused by a party of New York firemen who came to New Jersey to dine.
Page 015 [08-07-1849]Gives his negative thoughts on publishers.
Page 016 [08-11-1849]Mentions the weekly cost of his new boardinghouse. Discusses his weariness of the struggle to make money.
Page 017 [08-15-1849]Regarding the other boarders in his new boardinghouse, a disagreement with Appleton, and letters George Bolton received from home stating that John Harris and Conworth's sister are dying.
Page 018 [08-20-1849]States that he witnessed the steamer ''America'' leave for Liverpool. Mentions that George and Joe will stop selling pork, and George will return to England.
Page 019 [08-25-1849]Mentions George and Joe's future plans and hearing an Italian play an organ. Comments on how Heylyn's fate is different than his.
Page 020 [08-29-1849]Comments on what he would do if he was rich, a novel by the author James, and a rainstorm that kept him and his friends indoors.
Page 021 [09-01-1849]Comments on having to work for a living and George's upcoming departure.
Page 022 [09-04-1849]Mentions a potential student who wishes to learn architectural drawing, witnessing the launching of the ship ''General Taylor,'' and his melancholy disposition as George's departure date approaches.
Page 023 [09-07-1849]Describes his last day spent with George before George's departure.
Page 024 [09-09-1849]Discusses George Bolton's departure from New York to England, and his missed opportunity of saying goodbye to him.
Page 025 [09-10-1849]Describes traveling by steamboat and rail to Philadelphia.
Page 026 [09-10-1849]Describes the end of his journey to Philadelphia and his day meeting with publishers.
Page 027 [09-11-1849]Gives his thoughts on the differences between Philadelphia and New York. Describes his day calling on publishers and engravers for work.
Page 028 [09-12-1849]Describes sight-seeing in Philadelphia, including a boat trip down the Schuylkill River.
Page 029 [09-12-1849]Comments on sight-seeing in Philadelphia. Mentions seeing a production of ''Romeo and Juliet.''
Page 030 [09-13-1849]Comments on his visit to Independence Hall in Philadelphia and his journey back to New York.
Page 031 [09-17-1849]Discusses meeting a lady named Mrs. Washburn at the shop of Mr. Roberts who had come to inquire about getting a book by a lady [Miss C. E. Beecher] illustrated.
Page 032 [09-19-1849]States that he finished the drawing for Miss C. E. Beecher and wrote her about it. Mentions meeting Mr. Hart, who introduced him to Bostonian publishers.
Page 033 [09-23-1849]Discusses meeting Edward Heylyn and seeing a play called ''Slasher and Crasher'' at the National Theater.
Page 034 [09-27-1849]Mentions reading Rabelais aloud to Ben Haun, his dislike of Heylyn, and Joe Greatbatch's upcoming departure for Middletown, Connecticut.
Page 035 [10-01-1849]Mentions Joe's departure, and muses on how many people have come and gone in his life.
Page 036 [10-06-1849]Comments on the pregnancy of his landlady Mrs. Haun's married daughter.
Page 037 [10-06-1849]Includes an unfinished poem he wrote about Mary Bilton.
Page 038 [10-06-1849]Describes an incident between Ben Haun and John Rankin in his boarding house at No. 79 York Street in Jersey City.
Page 039 [10-09-1849]Mentions his drawing work and his need for a coat.
Page 040 [10-13-1849]Comments on poverty, and states his hopes that he will be paid by Sartain.
Page 041 [10-15-1849]Mentions the fine ''dialogue of the dead'' that must exist in Hades among Swift, Sterne, Rabelais, and Aristophanes.
Page 042 [10-19-1849]Mentions the death of Robert Roberts, Baker's intention to get married, and Joe's visit for a day.
Page 043 [10-21-1849]Comments on the beauty of Autumn.
Page 044 [10-24-1849]Comments on Lamartine's history of the French Revolution.
Page 045 [10-29-1849]States that he believes Childs does not like him.
Page 046 [10-29-1849]Mentions looking unsuccessfully for the ''Wenham,'' which was supposed to be in port, and accepting small jobs in order to avoid being idle.
Page 047 [11-02-1849]Mentions a visit to the Greatbatches and having to accept half-price pay from Childs for drawings originally done for Mr. Roberts.
Page 048 [11-03-1849]Comments on Albert Smith's ''Pottleton Legacy.''
Page 049 [11-04-1849]Mentions a political rally held in New York on the eve of Election Day.
Page 050 [11-05-1849]Comments on the election, which he can view from his boarding house.
Page 051 [11-07-1849]Mentions the possibility of Wing moving, a cigar maker whom Ben Haun fought with over non-payment of rent, and going to church with Wing.
Page 052 [11-11-1849]Describes an incident in which a cat swallowed Wing's fishing hook and bait.
Page 053 [11-14-1849]Muses on the melancholy nature of crowds.
Page 054 [11-17-1849]Gives his thoughts on life, death, and love.
Page 055 [11-19-1849]Describes his journey by boat to Philadelphia.
Page 056 [11-22-1849]Mentions meeting with Mr. Hart in Philadelphia and an argument he witnessed upon returning to New York between two Irishmen over England.
Page 057 [11-23-1849]Continues describing dialogue between two Irishmen regarding England.
Page 058 [11-27-1849]Gives his thoughts on the poet Shelley.
Page 059 [11-29-1849]Comments on his respect for all the work his landlady does largely without thanks.
Page 060 [12-01-1849]Discusses seeing a burlesque and visiting Joe and the Greatbatches.
Page 061 [12-04-1849]Mentions the departures of Wing and Sandy from the boarding house, and states that Hugh is his new roommate.
Page 062 [12-07-1849]Mentions creating drawings for ''Mose among the Britishers'' and hearing Hugh talk about a girl in a nearby candy shop.
Page 063 [12-11-1849]Mentions working on a show bill for Warren Butler and having to lock a drunk Brinsley out of his room.
Page 064 [12-16-1849]Describes an encounter with the editor of the ''Empire City,'' Hawkins, and mentions the departure of boarders from his boarding house, including Silenus Brinsley.
Page 065 [12-17-1849]Comments on ''Don Quixote,'' and expresses frustration that he has not yet received a letter from Mary.
Page 066 [12-21-1849]Mentions his work, walks with Hughie, and a visit with the Greatbatches.
Page 067 [12-24-1849]Describes the events of Christmas Day, 1849.
Page 068 [12-25-1849]Mentions singing songs on Christmas Day and Herr Sander's illness.
Page 069 [12-26-1849]Describes his efforts to find a doctor for Sander.
Page 070 [12-28-1849]Mentions the removal of Sander to an almshouse and a New Years Eve celebration with Hugh Muir and Bill Collinson.
Page 071 [12-31-1849]Gives his thoughts on the New Year, and describes the celebration in New York City on New Year's Day.
Page 072 [01-01-1850]Describes his New Year's Day spent with the Greatbatches, and comments on meeting a slaveholder and reading the fictitious diary of ''Lady Willoughby.''
Page 073 [01-02-1850]Comments on his respect for Hampden, and mentions drawing pictures for ''Mose among the Britishers'' and writing stories.
Page 074 [01-08-1850]Describes an incident in which he was nearly hit by a train.
Page 075 [01-10-1850]Mentions writing and drawing, looking for a new boarding house, and his hopes of receiving letters from England on the ''Canada.''
Page 076 [01-16-1850]Mentions letters he received from his family and describes the scene at the ''Empire City'' Office after Hawkins was arrested.
Page 077 [01-18-1850]States that he regrets losing the extra $3 per week Hawkins would have paid him since Hawkins has been arrested.
Page 078 [01-23-1850]Comments on packing and drinking with Hugh Muir and Bill Collinson in honor of his last night in his boarding house in Jersey City.
Page 079 [01-26-1850]Describes his first day at his new boardinghouse in Duane Park.
Page 080 [01-27-1850]Discusses finally receiving a letter from Mary and going to see a lecture by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Page 081 [01-29-1850]Describes the contents of Ralph Waldo Emerson's lecture.
Page 082 [01-29-1850]Continues discussing the lecture by Emerson, and mentions a visit to Jersey City to see Hugh Muir and Bill Collinson.
Page 083 [01-31-1850]Discusses conversations he had with his fellow boarders at his Duane Street boarding house.
Page 084 [02-01-1850]Discusses his work and attending a lecture on ''Faust.''
Page 085 [02-04-1850]Gives his thoughts on Goethe's ''Faust.''
Page 086 [02-05-1850]Mentions his work and meeting editor Hardin Andrews.
Page 087 [02-09-1850]Mentions visiting the site of a recent explosion and witnessing an ''Indignation'' meeting of the New York Newsboys.
Page 088 [02-13-1850]Comments on the writing styles of Defoe, Chaucer, and Milton.
Page 089 [02-13-1850]Mentions visiting Collinson in Jersey City and having a conversation with James [Charles] Brown and Martin, who live in his new boarding house.
Page 090 [02-17-1850]Comments on slavery and his disappointment with tradesmen and how business is conducted.
Page 091 [02-19-1850]Mentions his work, a visit with the Greatbatches, and receiving a letter from his mother and sister Naomi.
Page 092 [02-26-1850]Mentions hearing that his brother Sam had cholera, and comments on Shakespeare's reasons for writing ''As You Like It.''
Page 093 [03-01-1850]Mentions his work, meeting an Anglo-West Indian named Bridgens, and his unsuccessful attempt to get money owed to him from Warren Butler.
Page 094 [03-10-1850]Comments on his low funds, the state of his health, and his irritation with an Irishman who did not repair his window properly.
Page 095 [03-15-1850]Discusses his friendship with Bridgens and their conversation about near-death escapes.
Page 096 [03-20-1850]Mentions that his rent is going up and that he had received a letter from Mary Bilton.
Page 097 [03-30-1850]Mentions his work and going out with the Irish architect Dillon Mapother.
Page 098 [04-01-1850]Mentions finishing work on ''Mose among the Britishers'' and reading works by Shelley.
Page 099 [04-05-1850]Comments on doppelgangers.
Page 100 [04-08-1850]Discusses his worry that Hart will not pay him for ''Mose among the Britishers'' and a conversation with Hardin Andrews about starting a new paper, ''The New York Porcupine.''
Page 101 [04-12-1850]Mentions sketching New York literary celebrities and receiving his check from Mr. Hart for the ''Mose among the Britishers'' drawings.
Page 102 [04-16-1850]Mentions asking the actor Chauprau for permission to dedicate ''Mose among the Britishers'' to him, visiting Bill Collinson and Hugh Muir in New Jersey, and a night out with Dillon Mapother and Mr. Hart.
Page 103 [04-18-1850]Describes a visit to Long Island with Mr. Hart and Dillon Mapother.
Page 104 [04-21-1850]Mentions a sermon, seeking new work, and a visit to the Reverends Jacob and Joseph Abbott.
Page 105 [04-24-1850]Comments on a lecture on phrenology and witnessing a fire in a shop on Front Street.
Page 106 [04-24-1850]Comments on a fire in Front Street and the death of fireman John Guire.
Page 107 [04-25-1850]Discusses his work, John Guire's funeral procession, and the deaths of seven others from the fire on Front Street from a collapsing wall.
Page 108 [04-29-1850]Mentions coloring his ''Mose among the Britishers'' drawings and the return of Joe Greatbatch to the boarding house on Duane Street.
Page 109 [05-01-1850]Comments on the need for self-analyzing.
Page 110 [05-04-1850]Gives his thoughts on religion after hearing a sermon in a Universalist Church.
Page 111 [05-05-1850]Continues commenting on the sermon he heard in a Unitarian Church.
Page 112 [05-06-1850]Discusses a two-day job making drawings of products for the owner of an Iron Store.
Page 113 [05-10-1850]Mentions receiving a letter from Mary, visiting the New York Exchange, and viewing artifacts from Mr. Johns' travels in the Middle East.
Page 114 [05-12-1850]Discusses Joe becoming his new roommate and attending a sermon by Chapin with Mr. Hart.
Page 115 [05-12-1850]Mentions discussions with Hardin Andrews and Warren Butler to start a publication called the ''New York Porcupine.''
Page 116 [05-14-1850]Discusses the partnership with Hardin Andrews and Warren Butler.
Page 117 [05-17-1850]Describes a Hoboken walk with Mapother, Royal, and Royal's son Frank.
Page 118 [05-19-1850]Mentions a visit to Blackwells Island.
Page 119 [05-21-1850]Mentions his work and an illness.
Page 120 [05-28-1850]Discussing meeting various publishing contacts.
Page 121 [06-01-1850]Describes a walk to Hoboken with men from his boarding house and almost getting into a fight with some men they found there.
Page 122 [06-02-1850]Mentions the various drawing projects he is doing.
Page 123 [06-07-1850]Mentions helping Johns with a job scraping colored tissue paper from windows in a church.
Page 124 [06-09-1850]Mentions a sermon, his work, and seeing copies of ''Mose among the Britishers'' in store windows.
Page 125 [06-15-1850]Mentions receiving copies of his published ''Mose among the Britishers,'' a visit from Hugh Muir, and seeing the Irish steamer ''Viceroy.''
Page 126 [06-17-1850]Mentions that Mr. Kent has left the boarding house.
Page 127 [06-22-1850]Describes his journey from New York to Boston.
Page 128 [06-23-1850]Describes his first day in Boston.
Page 129 [06-24-1850]Describes touring around Boston.
Page 130 [06-25-1850]Describes his day visiting publishers and engravers in Boston looking for work.
Page 131 [06-26-1850]Mentions visiting the University of Cambridge [Harvard University] and talking to a student there.
Page 132 [06-28-1850]Comments on seeing the play ''New York As It Is'' and hearing Mr. Taylor, who was described in Dickens' ''American Notes,'' preach.
Page 133 [06-30-1850]Describes the contents of Edward Taylor's sermon.
Page 134 [07-01-1850]Comments on ''Wuthering Heights'' and mentions arranging for his journey back to New York.
Page 135 [07-03-1850]Describes his journey back to New York and a parade for the Fourth of July celebration.
Page 136 [07-04-1850]Discusses Fourth of July celebrations in New York.
Page 137 [07-05-1850]Discusses drawing, reading, and attending Chapin's farewell sermon before his departure for a visit to Europe.
Page 138 [07-07-1850]Comments on his decision to get his daguerreotype done.
Page 139 [07-09-1850]Mentions the death of President Taylor and searching for a new boarding house.
Page 140 [07-12-1850]Mentions hearing a sermon on the death of President Taylor.
Page 141 [07-16-1850]Discusses moving to his new boarding house on Canal Street.
Page 142 [07-19-1850]Mentions receiving a letter from William Barth.
Page 143 [07-21-1850]Mentions his work, lending Mr. Johns money, and a funeral procession for President Taylor.
Page 144 [07-23-1850]Discusses his work and Zachary Taylor funeral procession.
Page 145 [07-25-1850]Discusses running into Manning, a fellow passenger from the ''Wenham,'' who updated Gunn on the other passengers.
Page 146 [07-27-1850]Mentions working, reading, and witnessing a storm.
Page 147 [07-30-1850]Comments on his work and Mr. John's situation.
Page 148 [08-01-1850]Describes a visit to Coney Island with Mr. Hart and Dillon Mapother.
Page 149 [08-01-1850]Describes the arrival of General Paez of Venezuela in New York.
Page 150 [08-05-1850]Discusses his work, walks, and a night out with his friends.
Page 151 [08-09-1850]Comments on how New York is like Paris and his opinion of Charles Brown.
Page 152 [08-11-1850]Mentions his work and his frustration with his present situation.
Page 153 [08-14-1850]Comments on how Charles Brown confides in him about Annie, and how he wishes he could do the same about Mary.
Page 154 [08-16-1850]Comments on Charles Brown's courtship of Annie Ward.
Page 155 [08-19-1850]Discusses his work and attending a book auction.
Page 156 [08-23-1850]Mentions his work and going out with friends.
Page 157 [08-27-1850]Describes a visit to Green-Wood Cemetery.
Page 158 [08-29-1850]Mentions his work and a gift of ''Vanity Fair'' from Charles Brown.
Page 159 [08-31-1850]Mentions the arrival of singer Jenny Lind in America by steamer and a visit to a dentist.
Page 160 [09-04-1850]Discusses his work, the arrival of firemen from Philadelphia, and Charles Brown's loss of his fiancee Annie Ward.
Page 161 [09-05-1850]Details why Charles Brown's fiancee Annie Ward broke off their engagement.
Page 162 [09-05-1850]Discusses Charles Brown's attempts to reconcile with Annie Ward.
Page 163 [09-08-1850]Includes a poem describing a sunset.
Page 164 [09-10-1850]Describes going to Rabineau's with the intent of hearing Jenny Lind sing at Castle Garden, but the walls were too thick.
Page 165 [09-11-1850]Comments on his work and Charles Brown's indecision about whether or not to marry the girl he seduced.
Page 166 [09-14-1850]Describes a visit to Jersey City.
Page 167 [09-16-1850]Discusses the end of Charles Brown's courtship of Annie Ward.
Page 168 [09-19-1850]Mentions his work and a visit aboard the ''Asia'' steamer.
Page 169 [09-22-1850]Comments on how Charles Brown seems to have gotten over his engagement with Annie Ward.
Page 170 [09-23-1850]Discusses his work and news from home.
Page 171 [09-27-1850]Muses on what it would be like to live in a Pagan world.
Page 172 [09-28-1850]Mentions his work and attending church.
Page 173 [09-30-1850]Mentions that he likes Butler.
Page 174 [10-01-1850]Mentions his work and feelings of depression.
Page 175 [10-03-1850]Describes a visit to Hoboken.
Page 176 [10-04-1850]Describes showing the newly-arrived Alfred Waud and Mr. Bellinger around New York.
Page 177 [10-05-1850]Mentions a confrontation with Boyd and a talk with Alfred Waud about his brother Will and ''Young England.''
Page 178 [10-06-1850]Describes stories told by Alf Waud of the antics of the young clerks at Danthorn's office in London.
Page 179 [10-06-1850]Mentions his work and going to see a production of ''As you like it.''
Page 180 [10-08-1850]Comments on Shakespeare's play, ''As You Like It.''
Page 181 [10-08-1850]Comments on Shakespeare's play, ''As You Like It.''
Page 182Blank page.
Page 183Back cover.