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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Page 001Front cover.
Page 002Front fly-leaf.
Page 003Gunn's signature.
Page 004 [09-11-1818]License for Gunn's father, Samuel Gun[n], to ''trade in, sell, and vend Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate, in the House, and Places thereunto belonging, wherein he now dwells, and no where else´┐Ż''
Page 005Gives the date range of entries for the diary.
Page 006Transcribes inscriptions from his family tomb in Banbury, England.
Page 007 [02-01-1855]Gives an account of his family history on his father's side.
Page 008 [02-01-1855]Gives an account of his family history on his father's side.
Page 009 [02-01-1855]Gives an account of his family history on his father's side.
Page 010 [02-01-1855]Gives an account of his family history on his father's side.
Page 011 [02-01-1855]Gives an account of his family history on his father's side.
Page 012 [02-01-1855]Gives an account of his family history on his father's side.
Page 013 [02-01-1855]Gives an account of his family history on his father's side.
Page 034 [03-10-1855]Mentions visits from various acquaintances, including Caroline and Louisa Hogarth and George Clarke.
Page 062 [05-07-1855]Gives his thoughts on his brother Edwin's engagement to Mary Anne Chinner.
Page 063 [05-07-1855]Comments on his brother Charley's engagement to Rosa Bolton, and his brother Sam's marriage.
Page 064 [05-07-1855]Comments on his brother Sam's marriage to Minnie, and his feelings for Hannah Bennett.
Page 071 [05-16-1855]Comments on the Waud brothers' discontentedness in life.
Page 075 [05-23-1855]Mentions a visit from Wilkins, who mentions going to Paris with Horace Greeley as a translator.
Page 076 [05-28-1855]Regarding his happiness at receiving letters from Hannah Bennett.
Page 080 [06-09-1855]Regarding meeting the artist George Thomas and his tales about sketching the royal family.
Page 104Newspaper clipping listing the names of Americans in Paris, including T. B. Gunn.
Page 128Newspaper clipping listing the passengers who arrived in New York from Havre and Southampton in the steamship ''Washington.''
Page 131 [08-04-1855]Regarding learning from Alf Waud that his brother Will left England because he had seduced a girl at Sydenham and gotten her pregnant.
Page 136 [08-15-1855]Comments on his loneliness for his friends and family in England.
Page 138 [08-21-1855]Regarding Charles Welden's accident.
Page 141 [08-31-1855]Mentions a visit to Hoboken with Banks.
Page 142 [09-03-1855]Mentions learning from Alf Waud that William Levison thinks Gunn's Abolition-themed cuts hurt subscription numbers for ''The New York Picayune.''
Page 146 [09-10-1855]Mentions going to a concert with James Parton.
Page 148 [09-17-1855]Regarding a talk with Alf Waud about a visit he received from Mrs. Brainard's father, Jewell.
Page 150 [09-19-1855]Mentions hearing from Welden that Stringer and Townsend is interesting in publishing his book when it is written.
Page 152 [09-29-1855]Regarding his work with James Parton on compiling a book of comic British poets.
Page 155 [10-09-1855]Mentions several visits to and from friends.
Page 165 [11-04-1855]Regarding the kindness of landlady Mrs. Murray.
Page 166 [11-06-1855]Includes a quote from Goethe's ''Werther'' which illustrates Gunn's present state of mind.
Page 167 [11-08-1855]Regarding his thoughts on Fanny Fern and her book ''Ruth Hall.''
Page 174 [11-30-1855]Mentions meeting an illegitimate daughter of Louis Napoleon.
Page 182 [12-13-1855]Regarding a thunderstorm that broke his window and the subsequent argument with his landlord about it.
Page 183 [12-13-1855]Mentions that the Greatbatch family is moving to Philadelphia.
Page 186 [12-19-1855]Mentions moving into the boarding house at 132 Bleecker Street from his room on Broadway.
Page 189 [12-27-1855]Mentions an unsuccessful visit to Abbott's office in an attempt to get $10 owed to him.
Page 190 [12-30-1855]Gives his thoughts on Sol Eytinge.
Page 193 [01-05-1856]Mentions that James Parton and Fanny Fern have married.
Page 196 [01-10-1856]Mentions that his liking for Frank Bellew has grown.
Page 198 [01-21-1856]Regarding Douglas Jerrold, son of Blanchard Jerrold, who has moved to New York from Canada.
Page 199 [01-25-1856]Regarding Douglas Jerrold abandoning his wife in New York and leaving for Nicaragua, and Mrs. Levison's comments about it.
Page 200 [01-26-1856]Mentions visiting James Parton and Fanny Fern and reading to them chapters of his draft of ''The Physiology of New York Boarding Houses.''
Page 202 [02-04-1856]Mentions visiting the Ornithorhyncus Club with Frank Pounden.
Page 203 [02-09-1856]Mentions visiting the Ornithorhyncus Club with Frank Pounden.
Page 207 [02-21-1856]Mentions talking to Abbott and Wiley about the package he is to receive from home, and their speculations about what has happened to it.
Page 209Newspaper clipping about the Ornithorhyncus Club and song sung there by Fitz James O'Brien.
Page 210 [02-27-1856]Regarding his reasons for refusing to join the Ornithorhyncus Club.
Page 211 [03-01-1856]Mentions meeting Fanny Fern on the street and talking with her.
Page 212 [03-04-1856]Mentions a visit to Davis in his Broadway shop and a violent storm.
Page 215 [03-11-1856]Regarding his current mental state.
Page 216 [03-19-1856]Regarding the disapproval of the women in the Edwards family of Fanny Fern.
Page 217 [03-24-1856]Mentions that Dillon Mapother and Hart have set up a lithographic business in Louisville.
Page 218 [03-27-1856]Comments on Fanny Fern's openness about her relationship with James Parton in her ''New York Ledger'' column.
Page 219 [03-28-1856]Regarding the change in Sol Eytinge's attitude towards him since William Waud has returned to New York.
Page 220 [04-11-1856]Regarding the change in Sol Eytinge's attitude towards him since William Waud has returned to New York.
Page 231Back fly-leaf.
Page 232Back cover.