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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Page 001Front cover.
Page 002Front fly-leaf.
Page 003Gives the date range of entries for the diary.
Page 004Blank page.
Page 005Newspaper clipping regarding an explosion of the Petrel's boiler on the North River that resulted in three lives lost.
Page 006 [11-06-1858]Regarding a talk with William Leslie about Kendall's wife and marriage.
Page 007 [11-06-1858]Regarding William Leslie.
Page 008 [11-08-1858]Describes a letter received from Alfred Waud.
Page 009 [11-12-1858]Describes a letter from his sister Rosa.
Page 010 [11-14-1858]Mentions a night out at a tavern with Frank Cahill and Bob Gun and receiving a letter from Alf Waud.
Page 011 [11-16-1858]Describes a visit to Mrs. Jewell, and mentions that Mrs. Sexton's husband had been found ''guilty'' at his trial.
Page 012Newspaper clipping regarding the trial of Francis C. Sexton for the alleged rape of Miss Wood.
Page 013 [11-18-1858]Regarding learning about the death of Oliver Kellam from the artist Pope.
Page 014 [11-20-1858]Describes a conversation with Hitchings about the literary celebrities of Boston, such as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Page 015 [11-23-1858]Regarding Henry Clapp and Fitz James O'Brien.
Page 016 [11-23-1858]Describes Henry Clapp's physical appearance.
Page 017Newspaper clipping of a cartoon of Henry Clapp.
Page 018 [11-23-1858]Regarding Clapp's ''Saturday Press.''
Page 019 [11-24-1858]Mentions going to see J. G. Saxe read his poem ''Love,'' and a talk with Jesse Haney about Haney's visit to the Sing-Sing prison.
Page 020 [11-25-1858]Regarding Jesse Haney's visit to Sing-Sing prison and seeing John B. Holmes there.
Page 021 [11-27-1858]Mentions meeting Charles Welden in the street and attempting to visit him.
Page 022 [11-29-1858]Newspaper clipping regarding Francis Sexton's sentence for the rape of Miss Wood.
Page 023 [11-28-1858]Regarding the poet J. G. Saxe, whom Jesse Haney met at Jim Parton's house.
Page 024 [11-29-1858]Regarding the poet J. G. Saxe.
Page 025 [12-02-1858]Regarding Mrs. Potter's financial troubles
Page 026 [12-02-1858]Regarding Mrs. Potter's management of his boarding house.
Page 027 [12-02-1858]Regarding Mrs. Potter and a former Irish servant girl of Mrs. Edwards.
Page 028 [12-02-1858]Regarding the women residing at his boarding house.
Page 029 [12-02-1858]Regarding 12-year-old Anna Bradbury, who lives in his boarding house.
Page 030 [12-02-1858]Regarding 12-year-old Anna Bradbury, who lives in his boarding house, and her step-mother, Mrs. Bradbury.
Page 031 [12-02-1858]Regarding the other boarders in his boarding house, including Anna Bradbury and Miss Pierson.
Page 032 [12-02-1858]Mentions that his story was rejected by the Harpers, and Frank Leslie is contemplating starting a new paper, ''Stars and Stripes.''
Page 033 [12-04-1858]Regarding Dr. Dixon accepting one of his articles for ''Scalpel.''
Page 034 [12-07-1858]Regarding Charles Gayler and John McLenan.
Page 035 [12-09-1858]Regarding Charles Gayler and Banks.
Page 036 [12-10-1858]Describes having a drink with Charles Welden and other ''New York Times'' reporters.
Page 037 [12-11-1858]Regarding John McElrath, Frank Cahill, and Charles Welden.
Page 038 [12-11-1858]Regarding Mrs. Potter's attitude towards the people who leave her boarding house.
Page 039 [12-11-1858]Regarding the Pounden family.
Page 040 [12-11-1858]Regarding the Martin family, who used to live at his boarding house.
Page 041 [12-11-1858]Regarding the Martin family, who used to live at his boarding house.
Page 042 [12-11-1858]Mentions meeting the sculptor George Jackson and the artist Rouse.
Page 043Newspaper clipping stating that the charge against Harbor-Master Willis Patten was dropped.
Page 044 [12-14-1858]Describes a visit from his old acquaintance, Mr. Johns (Woodjohns).
Page 045 [12-14-1858]Describes letters from his nephews Fred and Edward.
Page 046 [12-15-1858]Mentions calls of Blakeman and Park Benjamin, editor of the ''Constellation.''
Page 047 [12-16-1858]Regarding reviewing two books of prostitution, by Acton and by Sanger, for John McElrath.
Page 048 [12-18-1858]Mentions telling McElrath that he decided not to review the books on prostitution.
Page 049 [12-21-1858]Describes attending a lecture by Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Page 050 [12-22-1858]Newspaper clipping regarding the death of death of Mort Thomson's wife, Anna.
Page 051 [12-23-1858]Regarding hearing about the death of Mort Thomson's wife from Thatcher.
Page 052 [12-24-1858]Describes attending the funeral of Anna Thomson, Mort Thomson's wife.
Page 053 [12-24-1858]Describes attending the funeral of Anna Thomson, Mort Thomson's wife.
Page 054 [12-24-1858]Describes attending the funeral of Anna Thomson, Mort Thomson's wife.
Page 055 [12-24-1858]Describes the circumstances of Anna Thomson's death after giving birth.
Page 056 [12-24-1858]Regarding Allie Vernon's relationship with the Thomsons.
Page 057Newspaper clipping of a poem called ''Given and Taken,'' composed by Edward Welles after the death of Anna Thomson.
Page 058 [12-24-1858]Describes attending the funeral of Anna Thomson, Mort Thomson's wife.
Page 059 [12-24-1858]Mentions dining with Fanny Fern and delivering presents to Oliver Dyer's house with Grace Eldredge.
Page 060 [12-25-1858]Describes attending the Edwards family's 1858 Christmas party.
Page 061 [12-25-1858]Describes attending the Edwards family's 1858 Christmas party and a letter received from Alf Waud.
Page 062 [12-27-1858]Describes a letter received from William Boutcher.
Page 063 [12-28-1858]Describes a letter received from William Boutcher.
Page 064 [12-28-1858]Mentions that Jesse Haney went with Mort Thomson to Boston on business.
Page 065 [12-29-1858]Regarding Mrs. Potter informing him he is behind in his rent.
Page 066 [12-30-1858]Regarding Fitz James O'Brien not writing a serial story he had promised to Frank Leslie's ''Stars and Stripes.''
Page 067 [12-31-1858]Regarding his thoughts on New Year's Eve, 1858.
Page 068 [02-03-1859]Letter to Gunn from his publishers, Mason Brothers, regarding the sales of his book, ''The Physiology of New York Boarding-Houses.''
Page 069 [01-01-1859]Mentions visits to Dr. Dixon and Oliver Hillard.
Page 070 [01-03-1859]Regarding getting a position on the ''Constellation'' for $15 per week.
Page 071 [01-05-1859]Regarding his first day at the ''Constellation.''
Page 072 [01-07-1859]Mentions that Sol Eytinge has left ''Frank Leslie's Illustrated News.''
Page 073 [01-10-1859]Regarding Mrs. Gouverneur's return to Mrs. Potter's boarding house.
Page 074 [01-11-1859]Regarding Sol Eytinge's departure from ''Frank Leslie's Illustrated News.''
Page 075 [01-12-1859]Regarding William Leslie's enthusiasm for buying books by Scottish authors.
Page 076 [01-13-1859]Comments on the American sense of humor.
Page 077 [01-15-1859]Regarding Banks and O'Mana.
Page 078 [01-15-1859]Regarding a letter to the ''New York Ledger'' from a young man looking for advice for finding a vegetarian wife.
Page 079 [01-16-1859]Mentions passing Walt Whitman on the street.
Page 080 [01-17-1859]Mentions receiving a bill from Dr. Blakeman for $57.
Page 081 [01-17-1859]Regarding William Leslie visiting a brothel with Frank Cahill and Bob Gun.
Page 082 [01-17-1859]Mentions receiving an apple from the Edwards girls.
Page 083 [01-18-1859]Describes a conversation with Fitz James O'Brien at the ''Saturday Press'' office.
Page 084 [01-18-1859]Regarding a plot by Ed Underhill to copy a play at Laura Keene's theater phonographically.
Page 085 [01-19-1859]Describes a night out at the ''House of Lords'' with Frank Bellew and others.
Page 086 [01-21-1859]Describes a conversation with Bob Gun at Crook and Duff's.
Page 087 [01-22-1859]Regarding a talk with George Roberts about his future at the ''Constellation.''
Page 088 [01-24-1859]Regarding Mrs. Gouverneur's illness and treatment of the female boarders in their boarding house.
Page 089 [01-25-1859]Regarding Mrs. Gouverneur and her children.
Page 090 [01-25-1859]Regarding Mrs. Gouverneur's illness.
Page 091 [01-25-1859]Regarding Mrs. Gouverneur's illness.
Page 092 [01-25-1859]Regarding the Bradburys who live in his boarding house.
Page 093 [01-25-1859]Comments on the other boarders living at 132 Bleecker Street.
Page 094 [01-25-1859]Regarding Lucia Cooper, who lives in his boarding house.
Page 095 [01-25-1859]Regarding Hugh Forbes borrowing money from him and other acquaintances in New York.
Page 096 [01-26-1859]Regarding a talk about Sol Eytinge with John A. Wood.
Page 097 [01-28-1859]Regarding a talk about Allie Vernon with John A. Wood.
Page 098 [01-29-1859]Mentions that Mrs. Gouverneur has gone to Cold Spring with Miss Cooper.
Page 099 [01-29-1859]Regarding his homesickness for England.
Page 100 [01-30-1859]Describes a visit from Colonel Forbes.
Page 101 [01-30-1859]Describes a conversation with Thomas Picton over drinks at Mataran's.
Page 102 [01-31-1859]Mentions selling a story to Frank Leslie.
Page 103 [02-03-1859]Mentions that Fitz James O'Brien has left the ''Saturday Press.''
Page 104 [02-05-1859]Mentions that his story ''Yorkshire Tragedy'' was accepted by ''Household Words.''
Page 105 [02-06-1859]Mentions that his story ''Yorkshire Tragedy'' was accepted by ''Household Words.''
Page 106 [02-07-1859]Regarding Frank Bellew being charged for assault and battery of a debt collector.
Page 107 [02-08-1859]Regarding Frank Bellew being charged for assault and battery of a debt collector.
Page 108 [02-08-1859]Regarding the letters of Shelton MacKenzie.
Page 109 [02-10-1859]Describes a visit to Mrs. Whitelaw.
Page 110 [02-11-1859]Mentions meeting the lawyer for Henry William Herbert's wife.
Page 111 [02-13-1859]Regarding the impending demise of the ''New York Picayune.''
Page 112 [02-16-1859]Tells a story about Fitz James O'Brien trying to escape a creditor.
Page 113 [02-17-1859]Regarding a talk with Henry Clapp, George Arnold and others at the ''House of Lords'' about Fitz James O'Brien.
Page 114 [02-17-1859]Describes Henry Clapp, George Arnold, and Bob Gun at the ''House of Lords.''
Page 115Newspaper engraving and photograph of George Arnold.
Page 116 [02-18-1859]Regarding meeting Matthew Whitelaw on the street.
Page 117 [02-19-1859]Describes a visit to James Parton and Fanny Fern in Brooklyn.
Page 118 [02-19-1859]Regarding Ulric's falling out with Fanny Fern and her family.
Page 119 [02-20-1859]Regarding the marriage of Weighty Griffin to Davis.
Page 120 [02-21-1859]Regarding an incident while trying to borrow copies of the ''New York Ledger'' for his article in ''Scalpel.''
Page 121 [02-21-1859]Regarding a sheriff's officer living in his boarding house.
Page 122 [02-22-1859]Describes letters received from his mother, sister Rosa, and half-sister Mary Anne Greatbatch.
Page 123 [02-24-1859]Regarding Mrs. Potter preparing to lose her boarding house.
Page 124 [02-25-1859]Comments on Mrs. Potter's untruthfulness.
Page 125 [02-26-1859]Regarding a visit from Gladdy Gouverneur.
Page 126 [02-28-1859]Mentions a visit from Selina Jewell, who gives news of her sister, Mrs. Sexton, giving birth.
Page 127 [03-09-1859]Regarding Frank Leslie and his publications.
Page 128 [03-09-1859]Regarding Fred Watson and Thomas Powell, who work at ''Frank Leslie's Illustrated News.''
Page 129 [03-09-1859]Regarding his article criticizing the ''New York Ledger'' he wrote for ''Scalpel.''
Page 130 [03-16-1859]Describes Dr. Dixon, publisher of ''Scalpel.''
Page 131 [03-16-1859]Describes the behavior of Fanny Fern and her daughters.
Page 132 [03-16-1859]Regarding the marriage of James Parton and Fanny Fern.
Page 133 [03-16-1859]Comments on abortion and American women.
Page 134 [03-16-1859]Comments on the traits of American women and children.
Page 135 [03-16-1859]Regarding Fanny Fern.
Page 136 [03-16-1859]Regarding James Parton.
Page 137 [03-16-1859]Regarding the rumor that Fitz James O'Brien is the heir to an Irish baronetcy.
Page 138Newspaper engraving depicting Fitz James O'Brien wearing a crown, alluding to the rumor that Fitz James O'Brien is the heir to an Irish baronetcy.
Page 139Newspaper clipping written by Shelton Mackenzie for the ''Constellation,'' regarding the rumor that Fitz James O'Brien is the heir to an Irish baronetcy.
Page 140Newspaper clipping written by Shelton Mackenzie for the ''Constellation,'' regarding the rumor that Fitz James O'Brien is the heir to an Irish baronetcy.
Page 141 [03-16-1859]Regarding Charles F. Briggs and Park Benjamin.
Page 142 [03-16-1859]Regarding Thomas Picton.
Page 143 [03-16-1859]Regarding a feud between Thomas Picton and Fitz James O'Brien.
Page 144 [03-16-1859]Describes Thomas Picton.
Page 145Newspaper engraving of Thomas Picton.
Page 146 [03-16-1859]Describes a talk with Henry Clapp about William North's life and death.
Page 147 [03-16-1859]Describes a talk with Henry Clapp about William North's life and death.
Page 148 [03-16-1859]Describes a talk with Henry Clapp about William North's life and death.
Page 149 [03-16-1859]Describes a talk with Henry Clapp about William North's life and death.
Page 150 [03-16-1859]Describes a visit to Matthew Whitelaw and his wax flower shop.
Page 151Newspaper clipping regarding writer Q. K. Philander Doesticks (Mort Thomason in private life).
Page 152Newspaper engraving of Doesticks (Mort Thomson).
Page 153 [03-16-1859]Regarding news that Mort Thomson is wooing Grace Eldredge three months after his wife Anna's death.
Page 154 [03-16-1859]Regarding the marriage of Fanny Fern and James Parton.
Page 155 [03-16-1859]Describes Fanny Fern's personality.
Page 156 [03-16-1859]Regarding Fanny Fern and her daughters, Nelly and Grace Eldredge.
Page 157 [03-16-1859]Regarding Fanny Fern's behavior to Louisa Jacobs, the daughter of Harriet Jacobs.
Page 158 [03-16-1859]Regarding the departure of the Bradburys from his boarding house after a row between Mrs. Bradbury and Mrs. Potter.
Page 159 [03-28-1859]Regarding the gossip discussed by the women in his boarding house.
Page 160 [03-28-1859]Regarding a talk with Banks about O'Mana, John Watson, and Allie Vernon.
Page 161 [03-28-1859]Regarding a quarrel between Banks and O'Mana over a woman.
Page 162 [03-28-1859]Regarding a story about Thomas Powell heard from Banks.
Page 163 [03-28-1859]Describes Thomas Powell.
Page 164 [03-28-1859]Regarding Mrs. Gouverneur's trip to South Carolina with her son Gladdy and Miss Cooper.
Page 165 [03-28-1859]Regarding Mort Thomson moving on after his wife Anna's death.
Page 166Newspaper clipping regarding the death of author Fayette Robinson.
Page 167 [04-05-1859]Regarding the death of Fay Robinson by poison.
Page 168 [04-05-1859]Regarding the faith of A. F. Banks in Henry Clapp and the coming demise of the ''New York Picayune.''
Page 169 [04-05-1859]Mentions meeting C. W. Warren and talking about his wife, a singer.
Page 170 [04-05-1859]Describes going to a performance of ''Dexter's Dancing Hats.''
Page 171 [04-05-1859]Mentions having a drink at Howell's with Dr. Norval and others.
Page 172 [04-09-1859]Regarding the uproar by Fanny Fern and John Bonner over Gunn's article in ''Scalpel'' criticizing the ''New York Ledger.''
Page 173Newspaper clipping describing Robert Bonner, including two engravings of him.
Page 174 [04-10-1859]Regarding Robert Bonner and Fanny Fern's anger about Gunn's article in ''Scalpel'' criticizing the ''New York Ledger.''
Page 175 [04-10-1859]Regarding Robert Bonner and Fanny Fern's anger about Gunn's article in ''Scalpel'' criticizing the ''New York Ledger.''
Page 176 [04-10-1859]Regarding his opinion of Fanny Fern.
Page 177 [04-10-1859]Mentions meeting Hitchings and learning that he is about to go on an expedition to the Rocky Mountains to take photographs for a government survey commanded by Colonel Landor.
Page 178 [04-12-1859]Describes a conversation with Mrs. Neff about common acquaintances and Mormons.
Page 179 [04-12-1859]Describes a package received from his friends and family in England.
Page 180 [04-12-1859]Regarding William Leslie's flirtation with Miss Fisher.
Page 181 [04-13-1859]Regarding William Leslie's passion for making money.
Page 182 [04-13-1859]Regarding Mrs. Gouverneur's dropped plans to go to Cold Spring because she did not want to leave Miss Cooper behind.
Page 183 [04-14-1859]Regarding Mrs. Gouverneur's behavior while traveling down South with Miss Cooper.
Page 184 [04-15-1859]Regarding his landlady Mrs. Potter hunting for a new boarding house.
Page 185 [04-15-1859]Mentions meeting Joe Scoville, who has returned to New York from North Carolina to try to publish a book.
Page 186 [04-16-1859]Comments on Allie Vernon and Fanny Fern.
Page 187 [04-18-1859]Describes a letter from his mother and a letter to Mrs. Gouverneur from a slave she met while traveling in the South.
Page 188 [04-18-1859]Regarding Rawson Gill and his brother Gladdy.
Page 189 [04-19-1859]Regarding Rawson Gill and his brother Gladdy.
Page 190 [04-19-1859]Describes a walk and a talk with John Watson.
Page 191 [04-20-1859]Describes a walk and a talk with John Watson.
Page 192 [04-20-1859]Describes a visit to Richard Edwards and a talk about Mrs. Neff's conversion to Mormonism.
Page 193 [04-20-1859]Describes a letter from George Bolton in Canada, regarding the farm he purchased.
Page 194 [04-22-1859]Regarding his frustration at not being paid for his work.
Page 195 [04-23-1859]Regarding Rawson Gill's parents and siblings.
Page 196 [04-23-1859]Mentions a visit to the Edwards family and taking a walk with Wilbour and Adams.
Page 197 [04-25-1859]Regarding Fanny Fern and James Parton's marriage.
Page 198 [04-25-1859]Regarding Fanny Fern and James Parton's marriage.
Page 199 [04-25-1859]Regarding Fanny Fern and James Parton's marriage.
Page 200 [04-26-1859]Describes Fred Watson and Thad Glover.
Page 201 [04-26-1859]Regarding a row between King and Mrs. Bradbury at their boarding house.
Page 202 [04-27-1859]Regarding a row that broke out at his boarding house over the Bradbury family.
Page 203 [04-27-1859]Regarding Mrs. Potter's furniture in his boarding house being auctioned off before she has to leave the house to Mrs. Boley.
Page 204 [04-28-1859]Regarding the boarders in his boarding house packing and preparing to move since landlady Mrs. Potter has lost the house.
Page 205 [04-28-1859]Regarding his enjoyment of Fanny Fern's article about him in the ''New York Ledger.''
Page 206Newspaper clipping written by Robert Bonner for the ''New York Ledger,'' criticizing McElrath.
Page 207Newspaper clipping written by Fanny Fern for the ''New York Ledger,'' criticizing Thomas Butler Gunn without naming him.
Page 208 [04-28-1859]Describes the furniture in his boarding house being auctioned off.
Page 209 [04-29-1859]Regarding the feelings of the servants Kate and Mary at Mrs. Potter losing her boarding house.
Page 210 [04-29-1859]Regarding his plans to stay in his boarding house with the new landlady at least temporarily, rather than go with Mrs. Potter to a new house.
Page 211 [04-29-1859]Regarding Mrs. Potter's search for a new boarding house.
Page 212 [04-30-1859]Regarding Mrs. Boley taking over his boarding house and Mrs. Potter leaving it.
Page 213 [05-02-1859]Mentions a visit to Ames and reminisces about a party he attended at Henry Clapp's.
Page 214 [05-02-1859]Describes the scene at his boarding house as new boarders move in and a visit to Mrs. Potter's new boarding house.
Page 215 [05-02-1859]Regarding a row between Mrs. Potter and the Bradbury family.
Page 216 [05-02-1859]Comments on the conflicting good and bad natures of humanity.
Page 217 [05-02-1859]Comments on the conflicting good and bad natures of humanity.
Page 218 [05-02-1859]Describes a talk with Jesse Haney about Fanny Fern and her daughters.
Page 219 [05-02-1859]Describes a talk with Jesse Haney about Fanny Fern and her daughters.
Page 220 [05-02-1859]Describes Fanny Fern's personality and habits.
Page 221 [05-03-1859]Describes a letter from Dillon Mapother, a visit to the Jewells, and a talk with George Arnold and Bob Gun.
Page 222 [05-03-1859]Describes the differences between Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Boley in managing his boarding house.
Page 223 [05-04-1859]Describes George Arnold.
Page 224 [05-04-1859]Describes George Arnold.
Page 225 [05-04-1859]Describes a visit to Mrs. Potter's new boarding house.
Page 226 [05-07-1859]Describes a walk with Jack Edwards and Jesse Haney in New Jersey, visiting the home of Hinckley the engraver.
Page 227 [05-08-1859]Regarding Mrs. Edwards and Fanny Fern's dislike for each other.
Page 228 [05-08-1859]Describes stories told by Bradbury about Mrs. Potter.
Page 229 [05-11-1859]Describes hearing stories about Park Benjamin from Fred Watson.
Page 230 [05-11-1859]Describes meeting Lotty in Broadway, on her way to visit Jane Mason.
Page 231 [05-13-1859]Mentions seeing Walt Whitman on the street and receiving a letter from Edward Heylyn.
Page 232 [05-15-1859]Describes a talk with Morse about his wife and Lotty and Will Kidder.
Page 233 [05-15-1859]Regarding a book he borrowed from James Parton that has notes written in it by Mort Thomson to Grace Eldredge.
Page 234 [05-16-1859]Describes a letter received from Alf Waud, mentioning his wife Mary being away in the country.
Page 235 [05-19-1859]Regarding Mrs. Boley's manner of managing his boarding house compared to Mrs. Potter's.
Page 236 [05-19-1859]Regarding Mrs. Boley's manner of managing his boarding house compared to Mrs. Potter's.
Page 237 [05-20-1859]Regarding an article written by Fanny Fern criticizing ''clumsy people,'' speculated to be about Cleve Thomson.
Page 238 [05-20-1859]Printed menu from Sally Edwards' 18th birthday party.
Page 239 [05-20-1859]Describes attending Sally Edwards' 18th birthday party.
Page 240 [05-21-1859]Describes a night out drinking with a group of Bohemians.
Page 241Ink sketch of Frank Cahill, drawn by John McLenan.
Page 242 [05-21-1859]Describes a night out drinking with a group of Bohemians.
Page 243 [05-22-1859]Regarding a story told by Jesse Haney about a Philadelphian lawyer who purchased mugs and china from Charles Dickens.
Page 244 [05-24-1859]Describes a visit to Mrs. Potter's new boarding house on 16th Street.
Page 245 [05-24-1859]States that he thinks he will remain in the boarding house in Bleecker Street rather than move to Mrs. Potter's new boarding house.
Page 246 [05-27-1859]Regarding William Leslie's efforts to find furniture to furnish Mrs. Potter's new boarding house.
Page 247 [05-28-1859]Describes a visit to Mrs. Sexton and her baby, Virginia.
Page 248 [05-29-1859]Describes his experiences at the 16th Street boarding house.
Page 249 [05-29-1859]Regarding Mort Thomson siding with Fanny Fern in her feud with Jesse Haney.
Page 250 [05-31-1859]Speculates about the coming marriage of Grace Eldredge and Mort Thomson.
Page 251 [05-31-1859]Comments on unequal male friendships, such as that between Mort Thomson and Edward Welles.
Page 252Back fly-leaf.
Page 253Back cover.
Page 254Handbill for the Edwards family's 1858 Christmas party.
Page 255Short newspaper clipping and engravings depicting Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Page 256Newspaper clipping of advertisement for instruction in drawing of ''Figures, Water Color, Architectural or Grotesque.''