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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Page 001Front cover.
Page 002Front fly-leaf.
Page 003Gives the date range of entries for the diary.
Page 004Blank page.
Page 005 [10-09-1850]Discusses visits with various friends.
Page 006 [10-13-1850]Gives his thoughts on not receiving a letter from Mary, and how he fears he has lost her.
Page 007 [10-15-1850]Lists topics of a lengthy conversation he had with Alfred Waud.
Page 008 [10-19-1850]Discusses his work and ''roasting'' Donnell.
Page 009 [10-23-1850]Mentions his work and comments on his desire for a home of his own.
Page 010 [10-27-1850]Discusses his new job working for Anderson.
Page 011 [10-31-1850]Discusses visiting Brown's ''ladye love'' and hearing her play piano.
Page 012 [11-06-1850]Mentions receiving letters from home, and hopes he will not have to ask his father for money.
Page 013 [11-10-1850]Discusses his work for Anderson and others.
Page 014 [11-16-1850]Discusses his work and time with friends.
Page 015 [11-23-1850]Discusses visiting Warren Butler and his family with Charles Brown and Alfred Waud.
Page 016 [11-26-1850]Discusses a visit from William Barth and hearing Barth's stories of the Mexican War.
Page 017 [11-29-1850]Comments on William Barth and mentions receiving a letter from Mary Bilton.
Page 018 [12-01-1850]Comments on his love of Charles Dickens and his conversation with a ''literary lady.''
Page 019 [12-04-1850]Continues commentary on the ''literary lady.''
Page 020 [12-07-1850]Describes a visit to see old friends in New Jersey.
Page 021 [12-08-1850]Describes a conversation with William Barth, a fire, and his melancholic thoughts.
Page 022 [12-09-1850]Discusses his work and going out with friends.
Page 023 [12-14-1850]Mentions attending a sermon and his discontent with William Barth.
Page 024 [12-16-1850]Describes a visit to William Barth on Governors Island.
Page 025 [12-18-1850]Describes a wintery visit to Hoboken with Joe Greatbatch.
Page 026 [12-22-1850]Describes a sermon he attended at Chapin's church.
Page 027 [12-23-1850]Describes his Christmas and Christmas Eve activities.
Page 028 [12-25-1850]Describes the events of Christmas Day.
Page 029 [12-26-1850]Describes drinking with friends and a visit to Richardson's home.
Page 030 [12-29-1850]Describes a parade of firemen.
Page 031 [12-31-1850]Gives his thoughts on the New Year.
Page 032 [12-31-1850]Concludes his thoughts on the New Year.
Page 033 [01-01-1851]Describes attending a sermon at Chapin's church.
Page 034 [01-05-1851]Regarding his drawing work for the week.
Page 035 [01-10-1851]Discusses attending an art auction and a visit to Hoboken.
Page 036 [01-12-1851]Mentions receiving a gift of an apple from Lotty Kidder.
Page 037 [01-14-1851]Comments on Alfred Waud's mood and the forger Monroe Edwards.
Page 038 [01-16-1851]Mentions the arrival of the steamer Atlantic and Alfred Waud's mood.
Page 039 [01-17-1851]Mentions his work and visits with friends.
Page 040 [01-19-1851]Comments on ''David Copperfield'' by Charles Dickens.
Page 041 [01-21-1851]Continues commenting on ''David Copperfield,'' and mentions meeting Evans, who has been traveling to the South and West.
Page 042 [01-24-1851]Mentions an invitation from Homer Hall to go with him to visit his home in Byron, Genesee County, New York, so Gunn can see Niagara Falls.
Page 043 [01-26-1851]Gives his thoughts on William Barth and mentions that his trip to Niagara Falls with Homer Hall has been deferred.
Page 044 [01-30-1851]Describes a visit to Collinson and his family in Newark.
Page 045 [01-31-1851]Describes his winter walk from Newark to Jersey City.
Page 046 [02-05-1851]Mentions purchasing volumes of the journal of Leigh Hunt and attending church.
Page 047 [02-12-1851]Mentions Brown's upcoming departure to Boston for work.
Page 048 [02-14-1851]Describes Brown's departure.
Page 049 [02-15-1851]Comments on his birthday and receiving a letter from Mary Bilton.
Page 050 [02-17-1851]Comments on his feelings about his relationship with Mary Bilton ending.
Page 051 [02-18-1851]Comments on receiving a letter from Hannah Bennett.
Page 052 [02-19-1851]Mentions an opportunity to go to Fonthill Castle, and describes a parade of militia companies for George Washington's birthday.
Page 053 [02-22-1851]Mentions seeing Senator Foote giving a speech.
Page 054 [02-24-1851]Describes a visit to Sanchez.
Page 055 [02-28-1851]Describes a fire at Saint Thomas Church.
Page 056 [03-01-1851]Continues describing the fire at Saint Thomas Church.
Page 057 [03-02-1851]Describes a day out driving a horse and buggy with Cross.
Page 058 [03-02-1851]Describes a scenic walk with Alfred Waud.
Page 059 [03-06-1851]Comments on the end of his relationship with Mary Bilton.
Page 060 [03-08-1851]Describes a visit to William Barth on Governors Island.
Page 061 [03-10-1851]Describes a visit to William Barth on Governors Island.
Page 062 [03-10-1851]Mentions an attempt to go to Hoboken which was foiled by snowfall.
Page 063 [03-13-1851]Comments on receiving no letter from Charles Brown.
Page 064 [03-13-1851]Comments on the book ''Ten Thousand a Year''
Page 065 [03-14-1851]Describes a visit to Thomas Picton.
Page 066 [03-16-1851]Comments on books he borrowed from Thomas Picton.
Page 067 [03-19-1851]Comments on a dream regarding a non-existent passage in George Sand's ''Consuelo.''
Page 068 [03-23-1851]Describes the contents of a package received from his family.
Page 069 [03-26-1851]Comments on the Andersons.
Page 070 [03-29-1851]Mentions an April Fools' Day prank by Fred Anderson.
Page 071 [04-01-1851]Describes a visit to Mrs. Kidder and her daughter Lotty.
Page 072 [04-02-1851]Comments on two fellow boarders, Surtees and Mason.
Page 073 [04-05-1851]Mentions a visit to William Barth with Alfred Waud on Governors Island.
Page 074 [04-06-1851]Gives his observations about Governors Island.
Page 075 [04-08-1851]Mentions that Alfred Waud accepted a job in Boston at the rate of $15 per week.
Page 076 [04-12-1851]Describes his arrival at New Rochelle to visit Mr. Hart and Dillon Mapother, who are doing surveying work for a new town called Pelhamville.
Page 077 [04-12-1851]Describes his country walks with Mr. Hart and Dillon Mapother.
Page 078 [04-13-1851]Describes an incident involving a dead muskrat and two dogs.
Page 079 [04-13-1851]Describes chopping down a tree and his thoughts on it.
Page 080 [04-14-1851]Describes his walk back to the train to return to New York.
Page 081 [04-16-1851]Comments on his work and telling ''snake stories'' with Homer Hall.
Page 082 [04-22-1851]Gives his thoughts on Alfred Waud's departure for Boston.
Page 083 [04-22-1851]Describes a painting he saw at the Art Union.
Page 084 [04-23-1851]Comments on a fellow boarder named Tilton.
Page 085 [04-23-1851]Comments on a fellow boarder named Tilton.
Page 086 [04-23-1851]Comments on watching a sunset.
Page 087 [04-25-1851]Describes a visit to William Barth on Governors Island.
Page 088 [04-26-1851]Comments on his dislike of hunting for sport.
Page 089 [04-28-1851]Mentions a visit to the Greatbatches and witnessing a fire on his way home.
Page 090 [04-30-1851]Describes stowing away his belongings upon his departure from the 177 Canal Street boarding house.
Page 091 [05-02-1851]Describes a visit to Jersey City and Communipaw.
Page 092 [05-02-1851]Describes a visit to Communipaw, and gives his thoughts on early New York Dutch explorers.
Page 093 [05-02-1851]Comments on a sermon by Chapin.
Page 094 [05-04-1851]Comments on a sermon by Chapin.
Page 095 [05-04-1851]Comments on a sermon by Chapin.
Page 096 [05-04-1851]Mentions spraining his knee.
Page 097 [05-05-1851]Describes a letter from Alfred Waud about Charles Brown.
Page 098 [05-08-1851]Mentions his work and a letter Mrs. Dobson received from Charles Brown.
Page 099 [05-10-1851]Mentions a visit to Hoboken and attending church.
Page 100 [05-12-1851]Describes a parade for President Millard Fillmore's visit to New York.
Page 101 [05-13-1851]Comments on his hopes for success.
Page 102 [05-15-1851]Comments on a visit to Mrs. Kidder and their discussion about books.
Page 103 [05-15-1851]Comments on a visit to Mrs. Kidder and their discussion about books.
Page 104Newspaper clipping of Gunn's advertisement for employment.
Page 105 [05-18-1851]Describes attending a military funeral on Governors Island.
Page 106 [05-19-1851]Lists topics of a conversation with William Barth and Creecey.
Page 107 [05-21-1851]Describes his work and meetings with various publishers.
Page 108 [05-24-1851]Describes a visit to Staten Island with Dillon Mapother.
Page 109 [05-28-1851]Gives his thoughts on life and love.
Page 110 [05-29-1851]Describes attending a Jenny Lind concert.
Page 111 [06-01-1851]Mentions his work and comments briefly on imposters who claim the ability to summon spirits of the dead.
Page 112 [06-07-1851]Describes a visit to Mrs. Kidder and meeting Miss Brown there.
Page 113 [06-07-1851]Comments on his conversation with Miss Brown.
Page 114 [06-09-1851]Describes a parade of firemen.
Page 115 [06-10-1851]Describes finding a new boarding house in Brooklyn, recommended by J. B. Holmes.
Page 116 [06-11-1851]Describes his journey to Fonthill Castle.
Page 117Newspaper clipping regarding Fonthill Castle.
Page 118 [06-12-1851]Describes a day spent with Edwin Forrest at Fonthill Castle.
Page 119 [06-12-1851]Describes his return journey to Fonthill Castle.
Page 120 [06-14-1851]Describes his day drawing in the library of Fonthill Castle.
Page 121 [06-15-1851]Comments on Shakespeare's ''Coriolanus.''
Page 122 [06-16-1851]Comments on Scott's ''Lord of the Isles.''
Page 123 [06-20-1851]Describes his return to New York and the journey back to Yonkers.
Page 124 [06-22-1851]Describes his day at Fonthill Castle and Yonkers.
Page 125 [06-27-1851]Comments on past European rulers, from Elizabeth I of England to Napoleon Bonaparte of France.
Page 126 [06-27-1851]Describes his last days at Fonthill Castle.
Page 127 [07-01-1851]Mentions visits to William Barth and Mrs. Kidder.
Page 128 [07-03-1851]Mentions attending an opera, ''Lucia di Lammermoor.''
Page 129 [07-05-1851]Comments briefly on his fellow boarders in the Washington Street boarding house.
Page 130 [07-08-1851]Comments on his former boss, Samuel Beazley.
Page 131 [11-01-1851]Newspaper clipping of Samuel Beazley's obituary.
Page 132 [07-08-1851]Describes a sailing trip taken with Roberts and other men.
Page 133 [07-10-1851]Describes a sailing trip taken with Roberts and other men.
Page 134 [07-10-1851]Describes a sailing trip taken with Roberts and other men.
Page 135 [07-11-1851]Describes a school-boy prank from his past and attending a sermon of Henry Ward Beecher.
Page 136 [07-13-1851]Mentions being ill and visiting Morey.
Page 137 [07-17-1851]Comments on fellow boarders in his boarding house.
Page 138 [07-18-1851]Comments on his habit of judging people in his diary.
Page 139 [07-18-1851]Comments on his habit of judging people in his diary.
Page 140 [07-20-1851]Comments on viewing prints of the plagues of Egypt.
Page 141 [07-22-1851]Comments on viewing prints of the plagues of Egypt.
Page 142 [07-24-1851]Discusses visiting the Tombs prison with a policeman who lives in his boarding house.
Page 143 [07-24-1851]Regarding a conversation with Miss Brown at Mrs. Kidder's residence.
Page 144 [07-25-1851]Regarding a conversation with Miss Brown at Mrs. Kidder's residence.
Page 145 [07-25-1851]Regarding a conversation with Miss Brown and others at Mrs. Kidder's residence.
Page 146 [07-25-1851]Gives his thoughts on Miss Brown.
Page 147 [07-26-1851]Mentions his determination to move to a new boarding house.
Page 148 [07-29-1851]Comments on leaving the Brooklyn boarding house.
Page 149 [08-01-1851]Mentions plotting revenge against Mrs. Paterson with Dunsiere and Fagan.
Page 150 [08-04-1851]Describes placing a fake advertisement for boarders in the New York Sun under Mrs. Paterson's name.
Page 151 [08-07-1851]Comments on the fake advertisement for Mrs. Paterson's boarding house.
Page 152 [08-07-1851]Comments on a visit to Mason and Jane Gibson at Mrs. Kidder's, and receiving a letter from Keating.
Page 153 [08-07-1851]Comments on inner urges.
Page 154 [08-13-1851]Gives Holmes' account of Keating receiving Gunn's letter.
Page 155 [08-15-1851]Describes a visit to Hoboken with Mr. Hart and Dillon Mapother.
Page 156 [08-16-1851]Describes a visit to Mrs. Kidder's boarding house, and an encounter with her landlady.
Page 157 [08-18-1851]Describes a boat tour around the New York islands taken with Roberts.
Page 158 [08-21-1851]Mentions a procession of sympathizers for an incident in Cuba in which 50 Americans were shot.
Page 159 [08-24-1851]Discusses Mrs. Kidder's sister who writes as Mary Campbell.
Page 160Two newspaper clippings including a poem by Mary Campbell [Mrs. George Brown] and a review of her work.
Page 161 [08-24-1851]Describes conversations with Lotty and others at Mrs. Kidder's residence.
Page 162 [08-24-1851]Mentions telling ghost stories with William Barth on a rainy night.
Page 163 [08-26-1851]Describes a mob protesting the events in Cuba.
Page 164 [08-27-1851]Describes listening to Lotty sing at Mrs. Kidder's residence.
Page 165 [08-28-1851]Describes a visit to Flushing with Mr. Mansfield.
Page 166 [08-29-1851]Describes attending the funeral of Mrs. Richardson.
Page 167 [08-29-1851]Describes attending the funeral of Mrs. Richardson.
Page 168 [08-29-1851]Describes a visit to Mrs. Kidder's residence.
Page 169 [08-30-1851]Comments on the kind of man he wishes for Lotty Kidder.
Page 170 [08-31-1851]Mentions a conversation with Joe and attending the theatre.
Page 171 [09-02-1851]Discusses a visit to Mrs. Kidder's residence and a trip to Hoboken with Mason.
Page 172 [09-03-1851]Describes a walking trip taken with Mason, including turkey-stealing.
Page 173 [09-03-1851]Describes a walking trip taken with Mason, including turkey-roasting.
Page 174 [09-04-1851]Describes a walking trip taken with Mason, including bothering a snake.
Page 175 [09-04-1851]Describes a walking trip taken with Mason, including meeting a gypsy.
Page 176 [09-04-1851]Describes his journey back to New York with Mason.
Page 177 [09-04-1851]Comments on Thackeray's novel ''Pendennis.''
Page 178 [09-08-1851]Mentions a story of his that was rejected from publication and a conversation with Margaret Brown at Mrs. Kidder's residence.
Page 179 [09-08-1851]Mentions meeting a old schoolfellow of his named Wilkins.
Page 180 [09-12-1851]Comments on a visit to Mrs. Kidder's residence and a conversation with the women there.
Page 181 [09-16-1851]Mentions an incident at Mrs. Paterson's boarding house, as told by J. B. Holmes.
Page 182 [09-18-1851]Mentions a conversation with Mrs. Kidder about her history.
Page 183 [09-19-1851]Mentions an argument with Mrs. Flowers, resulting in Gunn having to leave the boarding house.
Page 184 [09-20-1851]Comments on a visit to Thomas Picton's home and gossip with him about Mrs. Kidder and other acquaintances.
Page 185 [09-21-1851]Comments on Lotty Kidder's departure for the South.
Page 186 [09-21-1851]Comments on Thomas Picton.
Page 187 [09-23-1851]Describes his anger at not receiving payment for a drawing done for Gleason.
Page 188 [09-25-1851]Comments on seeing a play with Mr. Forrest playing the role of Spartacus.
Page 189 [09-27-1851]Describes a letter-writing hoax he and Barth played on Gleason as revenge for Gleason not paying for Gunn's drawing.
Page 190 [09-28-1851]Describes a letter-writing hoax he and William Barth played on Gleason as revenge for Gleason not paying for Gunn's drawing.
Page 191 [09-29-1851]Mentions taking a room at Mrs. Holt's boarding house on Duane Street.
Page 192Back flyleaf.
Page 193Back cover.