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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Page 001 [10-01-1851]Describes his day looking for work.
Page 002 [10-03-1851]Mentions a visit to Mrs. Kidder.
Page 003 [10-05-1851]Describes a humorous letter sent to Lotty Kidder from Mason.
Page 004 [10-06-1851]Mentions finding a new boarding house.
Page 005 [10-08-1851]Comments briefly on his new boarding house.
Page 006 [10-11-1851]Regarding the marriage of Tom Scott, and includes speculation that Mason and Jane Gibson are secretly married.
Page 007 [10-13-1851]Mentions meetings with various publishers.
Page 008 [10-15-1851]Mentions obtaining a single room at his new boarding house.
Page 009 [10-16-1851]Mentions that he will not be illustrating the railroad book because of a disagreement about payment.
Page 010 [10-17-1851]Comments on his distaste for Mrs. Kidder's writing.
Page 011 [10-18-1851]Narrates a humorous story involving a rooster owned by his landlady Mrs. Leave.
Page 012 [10-19-1851]Mentions visiting various publishers.
Page 013 [10-23-1851]Mentions seeing a play at the Lyceum.
Page 014 [10-27-1851]Comments briefly on the ''theatrical folks'' at his boarding house.
Page 015 [10-27-1851]Comments on news from home.
Page 016 [10-28-1851]Mentions his work.
Page 017 [11-01-1851]Mentions a visit to William Barth on Governors Island.
Page 018 [11-03-1851]Mentions his work.
Page 019 [11-06-1851]Mentions a visit to Croton Mills.
Page 020 [11-06-1851]Mentions attending a concert and moving the rest of his belongings from Canal Street to his new boarding house.
Page 021 [11-10-1851]Mentions receiving a letter from George Bolton.
Page 022 [11-15-1851]Comments on Pope and Mrs. Kidder.
Page 023 [11-16-1851]Comments on a visit to William Barth on Governors Island.
Page 024 [11-17-1851]Mentions his work.
Page 025 [11-19-1851]Comments on Hooper.
Page 026 [11-19-1851]Wonders why certain men like Cunningham deserve having wives.
Page 027 [11-19-1851]Mentions news of Lotty Kidder becoming an actress.
Page 028 [11-19-1851]Comments on his work.
Page 029 [11-20-1851]Describes a visit to Governors Island.
Page 030 [11-23-1851]Comments on Folsom.
Page 031 [11-25-1851]Mentions hearing that Lotty Kidder has married a scenic artist.
Page 032 [11-26-1851]Describes a situation in which Gleason was beaten.
Page 033 [11-29-1851]Mentions attending a panorama of the Great Exposition and Crystal Palace.
Page 034 [11-30-1851]Describes a humorous incident at his boarding house beginning with Moorhouse asking Reynolds if he could borrow some clothing.
Page 035 [12-03-1851]Comments on Miller and Lockington.
Page 036 [12-04-1851]Describes hearing news of Lotty Kidder and her new husband John Whytal.
Page 037 [12-04-1851]Describes the day of Lajos Kossuth's visit to New York.
Page 038 [12-06-1851]Describes the day of Lajos Kossuth's visit to New York.
Page 039 [12-06-1851]Describes the day of Lajos Kossuth's visit to New York.
Page 040 [12-06-1851]Describes the day of Lajos Kossuth's visit to New York.
Page 041 [12-06-1851]Describes the day of Lajos Kossuth's visit to New York.
Page 042 [12-06-1851]Mentions his wish that he could help Lajos Kossuth or even shake his hand.
Page 043 [12-09-1851]Mentions that Cornelius Mathews and Genin had both been introduced to Lajos Kossuth.
Page 044 [12-10-1851]Mentions drawing on wood for an astrological book.
Page 045 [12-12-1851]Mentions his drawing and writing work.
Page 046 [12-15-1851]Mentions visiting Mrs. Dobson upon her request for his assistance with finding Charles Brown's whereabouts.
Page 047 [12-17-1851]Comments on Mrs. Leave's boarding house.
Page 048 [12-17-1851]Mentions hearing a sermon by E.H. Chapin.
Page 049 [12-22-1851]Discusses the events of Christmas Eve, 1851.
Page 050 [12-24-1851]Discusses the events of Christmas Eve, 1851.
Page 051 [12-27-1851]Mentions seeing a production of Oliver Twist.
Page 052 [12-29-1851]Comments on author Cornelius Mathews books.
Page 053 [12-31-1851]Mentions that he needs to get another diary.
Page 054Newspaper clipping of an engraving titled ''Castle Garden in 1850.''