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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Page 001Front cover.
Page 002Front flyleaf.
Page 003Small doodle with square and triangle.
Page 004Gives the date range of entries for the diary and Gunn's address at 290 Broadway.
Page 005 [08-01-1852]Describes his impressions of the room upon waking up in Mr. Hall's house.
Page 006 [08-01-1852]Comments briefly on American agriculture versus English agriculture.
Page 007 [08-02-1852]Describes witnessing the thrashing of wheat ricks.
Page 008 [08-02-1852]Describes seeking out Edward Heylyn's residence in Le Roy.
Page 009 [08-02-1852]Describes his visit with Edward Heylyn, including the town of Le Roy.
Page 010 [08-02-1852]Describes his visit with Edward Heylyn and his return to Mr. Hall.
Page 011 [08-03-1852]Reminisces about Mary Bilton.
Page 012 [08-03-1852]Describes his return train journey to New York.
Page 013 [08-04-1852]Describes his return train journey to New York.
Page 014 [08-07-1852]Describes a visit to Staten Island with William Barth.
Page 015 [08-10-1852]Describes having dinner with the Dunsiers.
Page 016 [08-12-1852]Mentions an incident in which a boy was run over by an omnibus.
Page 017 [08-14-1852]Describes a New Jersey seaside retreat with Joe Greatbatch.
Page 018 [08-15-1852]Describes his return to New York from the New Jersey seaside by boat.
Page 019 [08-18-1852]Describes attending a play and a ballet with William Barth.
Page 020 [08-21-1852]Mentions Joe Greatbatch's plan to move to Australia in the next month.
Page 021 [08-25-1852]Mentions that Davis refuses to convey Gunn's laundry for his wife to clean any longer.
Page 022 [08-26-1852]Mentions the marriage of Jane Gibson and Mason.
Page 023 [08-26-1852]Mentions visiting Davis and speaking with his mother-in-law Mrs. Kerrigan.
Page 024 [08-27-1852]Mentions the departure of Albert Brown to New Orleans and hearing news of the marriage of Annie Mitchell.
Page 025 [08-28-1852]States that Joe Greatbatch will depart for Australia on September 10th on the ''Ocean Eagle.''
Page 026 [08-30-1852]Comments on how the Battery is the prettiest spot in New York.
Page 027 [08-31-1852]Mentions that John Brougham is in Washington negotiating with the Democratic Party to have the ''Lantern'' report favorably on them before the upcoming election.
Page 028 [09-01-1852]Mentions that many inmates of William's Barth's Hospital on Governors Island have cholera.
Page 029 [09-02-1852]Describes an incident in which he and Alfred Waud went swimming, and Gunn's pants went missing.
Page 030 [09-03-1852]Describes attending a ''Camp Meeting'' with Roberts.
Page 031 [09-03-1852]Describes attending a ''Camp Meeting'' with Roberts.
Page 032 [09-04-1852]Describes attending a ''Camp Meeting'' with Roberts.
Page 033 [09-04-1852]Describes attending a ''Camp Meeting'' with Roberts.
Page 034 [09-05-1852]Describes a visit to Staten Island with William Barth.
Page 035 [09-05-1852]Describes a visit to Staten Island with William Barth.
Page 036 [09-06-1852]Mentions meeting a California man and listening to his tales.
Page 037 [09-09-1852]Comments on the departure of William Barth for Fort Mackinac.
Page 038 [09-11-1852]Describes the departure of Joe Greatbatch for Australia on the ''Ocean Eagle.''
Page 039 [09-13-1852]Describes the departure of Joe Greatbatch for Australia on the ''Ocean Eagle.''
Page 040 [09-13-1852]Comments on the ''Lantern'' owing money to many writers, artists, engravers, and others.
Page 041 [09-14-1852]Describes hearing Marietta Alboni sing at Metropolitan Hall.
Page 042 [09-14-1852]Mentions receiving pay for a drawing for the ''Lantern.''
Page 043 [09-16-1852]Mentions having dinner with Alfred Waud and Davis.
Page 044 [09-18-1852]Describes a sketching expedition to Hoboken with Alfred Waud and Fay.
Page 045 [09-19-1852]Describes a conversation with Thomas Picton and J.B. Holmes about the ''Lone Star Association'' and the invasion of Cuba.
Page 046 [09-20-1852]Mentions that Dan Dodd has returned to Cuba, and comments on the marriage of Mason and Jane Gibson.
Page 047 [09-22-1852]Mentions going to Mrs. Kidder's residence to take Lotty to the theater, and discovering she is at her uncle's.
Page 048 [09-22-1852]Describes attending the play ''David Copperfield'' with Lotty.
Page 049 [09-22-1852]Describes Lotty Kidder.
Page 050 [09-22-1852]Comments on the acting in the play ''David Copperfield.''
Page 051 [09-23-1852]Describes witnessing a fire at a confectionary and French chocolate factory.
Page 052 [09-25-1852]Describes witnessing a fire at a confectionary and French chocolate factory.
Page 053 [09-25-1852]Describes witnessing a fire at a confectionary and French chocolate factory.
Page 054 [09-25-1852]Comments on John Brougham as an actor.
Page 055 [09-26-1852]Describes a visit to Morrisiana to see land purchased by Frank Royal in the projected village.
Page 056 [09-26-1852]Mentions that Fagan's shop has burnt down.
Page 057 [09-29-1852]Comments on the Duke of Wellington upon learning of his death.
Page 058 [09-29-1852]Describes the scene of a recent fire.
Page 059Enclosed pencil sketch of William Barth smoking a pipe, drawn by Banks.
Page 060 [09-30-1852]Mentions the troubles Dickenson is having with his wife.
Page 061 [10-01-1852]Details an amusing and untruthful letter he wrote to Edward Heylyn.
Page 062 [10-02-1852]Mentions going to see a panorama of Winfield Scott's Mexican campaigns.
Page 063 [10-03-1852]Mentions that Dunsier had been incarcerated in the Tombs for a week.
Page 064 [10-05-1852]Mentions feeling ill.
Page 065 [10-09-1852]Mentions getting a tooth extracted.
Page 066 [10-13-1852]Mentions that Lotty's baby is sick and might die.
Page 067 [10-15-1852]Mentions meeting Allie Vernon, a girl who writes verses for the ''New York Picayune.''
Page 068 [10-15-1852]Mentions a conversation with Alfred Waud in which they wonder if they shall ever have homes.
Page 069 [10-17-1852]Comments on ''Uncle Tom's Cabin.''
Page 070 [10-18-1852]Mentions Charley Brown's return to New York for a visit.
Page 071 [10-18-1852]Describes going to see ''Much Ado About Nothing'' performed at the Lyceum with Charley Brown.
Page 072 [10-19-1852]Comments on Charley Brown's visit to Lotty and their broken engagement.
Page 073 [10-19-1852]Mentions fooling two dressmakers into thinking he has recently returned from California.
Page 074 [10-20-1852]Mentions taking back five blocks from the ''Lantern'' in place of $20 they owe him.
Page 075 [10-20-1852]Mentions that time has been passing quickly for him.
Page 076 [10-22-1852]Describes finding Thomas Picton dressed in his ''Garde National'' costume.
Page 077 [10-24-1852]Mentions the start of the construction of the Crystal Palace in New York.
Page 078 [10-26-1852]Comments on Daniel Webster's death.
Page 079 [10-26-1852]Comments on death.
Page 080 [10-29-1852]Comments on French humor.
Page 081 [10-29-1852]Comments on Wat Tyler.
Page 082 [10-31-1852]Comments briefly on Mason and mentions that the Presidential Elections are the next day.
Page 083 [11-01-1852]Mentions that the 1852 Presidential Election is taking place.
Page 084 [11-04-1852]Mentions a new illustrated paper projected by Barnum, no title given.
Page 085 [11-05-1852]Mentions his drawing work.
Page 086 [11-06-1852]Describes a disagreement with Cornelius Mathews.
Page 087 [11-07-1852]Comments on a dream he had about Mary Bilton.
Page 088 [11-08-1852]Mentions going to hear Marietta Alboni sing.
Page 089 [11-11-1852]Mentions feeling ill.
Page 090 [11-16-1852]Describes the procession in memory of Daniel Webster.
Page 091 [11-17-1852]Mentions buying a pitcher, a coffee pot, and a mug.
Page 092 [11-18-1852]Mentions his drawing work.
Page 093 [11-19-1852]Describes a visit to Mr. Hammett's boarding house.
Page 094 [11-21-1852]Mentions that Lotty has gotten back together with her estranged husband.
Page 095 [11-21-1852]Mentions hearing of Thomas Powell's forgery from Hammett.
Page 096 [11-30-1852]Mentions receiving a letter from George Bolton.
Page 097 [12-02-1852]Mentions receiving a letter from Edward Heylyn and an invitation to visit him for Christmas.
Page 098 [12-04-1852]Mentions attending a sermon at Chapin's new Broadway church.
Page 099 [12-06-1852]Mentions Charley Brown's return to New York.
Page 100 [12-07-1852]Describes visiting Charley Brown, Alfred Brown, and their elder sister Emma.
Page 101 [12-08-1852]Mentions Dillon Mapother's return to New York from Michigan on his way to Dublin, Ireland.
Page 102 [12-10-1852]Describes Dillon Mapother's encounter with ''Old Kent'' at a railroad depot.
Page 103 [12-11-1852]Mentions going to ''The Shades'' with Charley Brown for a drink.
Page 104 [12-13-1852]Comments briefly on ''Don Quixote.''
Page 105 [12-13-1852]Comments on Lotty Kidder.
Page 106 [12-15-1852]Mentions the work of his friends.
Page 107 [12-15-1852]Mentions his drawing work.
Page 108 [12-18-1852]Describes a visit to Mr. Welden's residence.
Page 109 [12-20-1852]Mentions having a drink with William North, Thomas Picton, and others.
Page 110 [12-21-1852]Describes stories told while having a drink with William North, Thomas Picton, and others.
Page 111 [12-21-1852]Mentions getting a free pass for the Erie Railroad.
Page 112 [12-22-1852]Mentions a having a drink with Thomas Picton and a ''Lone Star Unit,'' discussing Cuba.
Page 113 [12-24-1852]Describes the events of Christmas Day.
Page 114 [12-27-1852]Describes a visit to Chamber Street Savings Bank to make a deposit.
Page 115 [12-27-1852]Describes a night out with Dillon Mapother, Kelly, Davis, Swinton, and Alfred Waud.
Page 116 [12-27-1852]Describes the morning of his departure for Niagara Falls.
Page 117 [12-28-1852]Describes his train journey to Niagara Falls.
Page 118 [12-28-1852]Describes his arrival at Rochester and his visit to the Genesee Falls.
Page 119 [12-29-1852]Describes his visit to the Genesee Falls.
Page 120 [12-29-1852]Describes his journey to Le Roy and Edward Heylyn's house.
Page 121 [12-31-1852]Describes a visit to Buttermilk Falls with Edward Heylyn.
Page 122 [01-01-1853]Describes his New Year's Day calls with Edward Heylyn.
Page 123 [01-01-1853]Describes his visit to Le Roy and the Heylyns.
Page 124 [01-03-1853]Gives his thoughts on country folks.
Page 125 [01-04-1853]Describes the journey by sleigh to Niagara Falls with Edward Heylyn.
Page 126 [01-04-1853]Describes the journey by sleigh and train to Niagara Falls with Edward Heylyn.
Page 127 [01-05-1853]Describes Niagara Falls in the wintertime.
Page 128 [01-05-1853]Describes Niagara Falls in the wintertime.
Page 129 [01-05-1853]Describes Niagara Falls in the wintertime.
Page 130 [01-05-1853]Describes Niagara Falls in the wintertime.
Page 131 [01-05-1853]Describes Niagara Falls in the wintertime.
Page 132 [01-05-1853]Describes Niagara Falls in the wintertime.
Page 133 [01-06-1853]Describes Niagara Falls in the wintertime.
Page 134 [01-06-1853]Describes crossing to Queenston Heights in Ontario, Canada, from Niagara Falls.
Page 135 [01-07-1853]Describes his journey to Toronto, Canada, by boat.
Page 136 [01-07-1853]Describes his arrival in Toronto, Canada.
Page 137 [01-07-1853]Describes meeting his cousin Dick Gunn's boss Mr. Gray in Toronto, Canada.
Page 138 [01-08-1853]Describes his visit in Toronto, Canada.
Page 139 [01-08-1853]Comments on the differences between Canadians and Americans.
Page 140 [01-10-1853]Describes his return journey by train to New York.
Page 141 [01-12-1853]Describes his return journey by train to New York.
Page 142 [01-16-1853]Mentions water leaking from the roof of his room.
Page 143 [01-21-1853]Describes almost getting into a fight.
Page 144 [01-21-1853]Mentions seeing Dillon Mapother sail off to Ireland for his twenty-first birthday.
Page 145 [01-29-1853]Describes a visit from John Gotch.
Page 146 [01-29-1853]Describes a visit to Mrs. Kidder's residence and hearing Lotty sing.
Page 147 [01-30-1853]Describes a visit to Mrs. Kidder's residence.
Page 148 [02-01-1853]Mentions attending ''Heller's'' Entertainment.
Page 149 [02-03-1853]Describes his friend Alfred Waud in detail.
Page 150 [02-03-1853]Describes his friend Alfred Waud in detail.
Page 151 [02-05-1853]Comments on men of leisure.
Page 152Enclosed newspaper clipping commenting on a ''Lantern'' illustration supporting the ''Lone Star Association'' with a mission to invade Cuba, perhaps drawn by Gunn.
Page 153 [02-06-1853]Mentions a visit from Charles Welden and Field's departure for Australia on the ''Peytona.''
Page 154 [02-08-1853]Describes bidding goodbye to Field and Gotch on the ''Peytona'' prior to their departure for Australia.
Page 155 [02-10-1853]Mentions attending a ''Amusement & Intellectual-Marriage-Accelerating Society'' meeting organized by Alfred Brown, including both men and women.
Page 156 [02-10-1853]Mentions attending a ''Amusement & Intellectual-Marriage-Accelerating Society'' meeting organized by Alfred Brown, including both men and women.
Page 157 [02-14-1853]Describes attending a meeting of the ''Amusement & Intellectual-Marriage-Accelerating Society.''
Page 158 [02-17-1853]Describes attending a meeting of the ''Amusement & Intellectual-Marriage-Accelerating Society.''
Page 159 [02-19-1853]Mentions being ill.
Page 160 [02-21-1853]Mentions having difficulty obtaining a room at Alfred Waud's boarding house.
Page 161 [02-23-1853]Comments on Robinson.
Page 162 [02-27-1853]Mentions that Lockington has ''bolted'' from the city in debt.
Page 163 [03-01-1853]Mentions seeing the play ''Poor Gentlemen.''
Page 164 [03-05-1853]Describes a visit to Nagle.
Page 165 [03-07-1853]Mentions selling drawings to Harpers.
Page 166 [03-11-1853]Comments on a production of ''Pauline.''
Page 167 [03-12-1853]Mentions that Charley Brown has officially changed his name to Charles Francois Damoreau.
Page 168 [03-13-1853]Mentions that Davis has stuffed his mattress with straw for him, but left the extra straw in his room.
Page 169 [03-15-1853]Comments briefly on Carlyle's ''Life of Sterling.''
Page 170 [03-18-1853]Describes a visit to Staten Island with Charles Damoreau.
Page 171 [03-20-1853]Describes a visit to Staten Island with Charles Damoreau.
Page 172 [03-23-1853]Mentions sketching at the Naturalization Office at City Hall in New York.
Page 173 [03-27-1853]Describes a visit to Mrs. Kidder's residence, including kissing Lotty.
Page 174 [03-27-1853]Mentions the death of Will Greatbatch, and attending his funeral.
Page 175 [03-29-1853]Describes attending the funeral of Will Greatbatch.
Page 176 [03-29-1853]Describes attending the burial of Will Greatbatch.
Page 177Enclosed scrap of paper.
Page 178 [04-01-1853]Mentions that the ''Lantern'' is near collapse.
Page 179 [04-04-1853]Mentions his refusal to draw a pro-slavery picture for Bunnell and Price.
Page 180 [04-07-1853]Describes a dog that made its way upstairs to his room and stayed.
Page 181 [04-09-1853]Mentions that he will keep the dog if her master does not come back to claim her.
Page 182 [04-10-1853]Mentions visits to his gymnasium.
Page 183 [04-12-1853]Describes attending a gymnastics exhibition.
Page 184 [04-13-1853]Describes attending a gymnastics exhibition.
Page 185 [04-13-1853]Comments on the work of a journalist.
Page 186 [04-22-1853]Mentions meeting a neighbor who experiments with hermetically sealing food.
Page 187 [04-23-1853]Mentions a day spent with the Greatbatches.
Page 188 [04-24-1853]Comments on his appreciation for ''good simple-hearted people.''
Page 189 [04-25-1853]Comments on Alfred Waud's truthfulness.
Page 190 [04-25-1853]Describes a visit to Staten Island with Charles Damoreau.
Page 191 [04-28-1853]Mentions going to the theater.
Page 192 [04-30-1853]Mentions Lotty's request for his daguerreotype.
Page 193 [05-02-1853]Describes a visit to the Crystal Palace with Price.
Page 194 [05-03-1853]Describes a visit to the Crystal Palace with Price.
Page 195 [05-05-1853]Mentions going to the theater and a fight between Lotty and Mrs. Kidder.
Page 196 [05-08-1853]Describes taking Lotty to get her daguerreotype taken.
Page 197 [05-11-1853]States that he wonders what Charley Damoreau would think about him having Lotty's daguerreotype.
Page 198 [05-13-1853]Describes visits to Fort Hamilton and Fort Lafayette.
Page 199 [05-14-1853]Describes visits to Fort Hamilton and Fort Lafayette.
Page 200 [05-15-1853]Describes a visit to Staten Island with Charley Damoreau and Alfred Waud.
Page 201 [05-16-1853]Comments on his uncle upon his aunt leaving him.
Page 202 [05-18-1853]Mentions reading and going to the theater.
Page 203 [05-22-1853]Describes rowing with Alfred Waud and Charles Damoreau near Castle Garden.
Page 204 [05-22-1853]Describes seeing a party of one hundred Germans relaxing on Staten Island.
Page 205 [05-29-1853]Comments on the troubled marriage of Lotty and John Whytal.
Page 206 [05-30-1853]Comments on the troubled marriage of Lotty and John Whytal.
Page 207 [05-31-1853]Comments on the troubled marriage of Lotty and John Whytal.
Page 208 [05-31-1853]Comments on the troubled marriage of Lotty and John Whytal.
Page 209 [06-02-1853]Describes going to the theater with Lotty, her mother, and Morse.
Page 210 [06-02-1853]Mentions the return of Dillon Mapother to New York from Ireland.
Page 211 [06-05-1853]Describes a visit to Staten Island.
Page 212 [06-05-1853]Describes a conversation with Lotty Kidder.
Page 213 [06-05-1853]Describes seeing Laura Keene play Rosalind in ''As You Like It.''
Page 214 [06-06-1853]Comments on a production of ''As You Like It.''
Page 215 [06-06-1853]Mentions seeing Mrs. Marchant act at Burton's theater.
Page 216 [06-10-1853]Mentions lending Mrs. Kidder $20.
Page 217 [06-12-1853]Describes seeing Lotty perform at Sedgwick's concert.
Page 218 [06-13-1853]Describes the scene in Lotty's dressing room after her performance at Sedgwick's concert.
Page 219 [06-13-1853]Comment's on Alfred Waud's nature being similar to William Boutcher's.
Page 220 [06-14-1853]Mentions a visit to the Crystal Palace with Mr. Hart.
Page 221 [06-17-1853]Describes hearing Lotty talk about her childhood.
Page 222 [06-17-1853]Comments on Lotty and John Whytal's relationship.
Page 223 [06-18-1853]Describes a visit to the British ship ''Leander.''
Page 224 [06-19-1853]Comments on the Brown family.
Page 225 [06-20-1853]Mentions that Thomas Picton is talking about going to Texas in anticipation of another war with Mexico.
Page 226 [06-22-1853]Mentions the imminent demise of Thomas Picton's ''Sachem.''
Page 227 [06-24-1853]Describes a fishing trip with Alfred Waud, Dillon Mapother, and Mr. Hart, in which he got heatstroke.
Page 228 [06-24-1853]Describes a fishing trip with Alfred Waud, Dillon Mapother, and Mr. Hart.
Page 229 [06-26-1853]Mentions Joe Greatbatch's displeasure with Australia.
Page 230 [06-26-1853]Mentions his appreciation of Lotty wanting to nurse him because he is sick and lives alone.
Page 231 [06-27-1853]Comments on human nature and the afterlife.
Page 232 [06-27-1853]Comments on how strange it is that people never see one another again.
Page 233 [06-29-1853]Mentions several thunderstorms.
Page 234 [07-02-1853]Mentions seeing a parade of firemen.
Page 235 [07-03-1853]Comments on the scene at the newly opened Taylor's.
Page 236Blank page.
Page 237Enclosed scrap of paper.
Page 238Blank page.
Page 239Enclosed scrap of paper.
Page 240Back fly-leaf.
Page 241Back cover.