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under the same circumstances!      I told him Covill
had been to his Mother s, and she knew it! 
 What?  He paced up and down the room uttering a
string of blasphemies, and swearing he would murder
the  G_d__m stinking little _____!     I never saw
any face more frightfully excited.            Allie, he said,
had gone back to Forsyth Street, and her husband.
He had seen Covill.         Presently he went down stairs,
but did not go in to supper, though the landlady in-
vited him.      Subsequently I found him lying on his
bed, and presently he asked me to take the cars,
go to his mothers residence, and get Clarence to come
down at once.         I did so, went up the Sixth Ave-
nue, saw  Clare  and one of the sisters   a hand-
some girl very tastily dressed   left Clare in the
cars; and went to the Edwards .             Four of the
girls start for California on Saturday.   The base-
ment was full of daguerrotypic souvenirs and people.
Stayed till near 11.     Looking in at Honey s met
Wood and had a talk with him.       He guessed at
some of the business Sol had in hand; and had
met Will Waud walking with Josey, as she flaunted
in Broadway.
  19.  Friday.   In doors all day.  Drawing till sum-
set.  Haney in his room, sickish, half the day.   Sol
had visited him yester-evening, asked his forgiveness,
and  cried like a child.            I m glad that his mot-
her and sisters do not know of it.         This I ascertained
Title:Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries, Volume Eight: page seventy-two
Description:Regarding Sol Eytinge's agitation that Coville went to see his mother.
Subject:Coville; Eytinge, Clarence; Eytinge, Miss; Eytinge, Mrs.; Eytinge, Solomon; Gunn, Thomas Butler; Haney, Jesse; Potter, Mrs.; Vernon, Allie (Margaret Eytinge); Vernon, Josey; Waud, William; Wood, John A.
Coverage (City/State):[New York, New York]
Coverage (Street):Broadway; Forsyth Street; Sixth Avenue
Scan Date:2011-02-02


Title:Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries, Volume Eight
Description:Includes descriptions of the process of publishing his book, ''The Physiology of New-York Boarding Houses;'' his poor mental state upon returning to New York from England; meeting Walt Whitman; visits with Fanny Fern, James Parton, and Harriet Jacobs' daughter Louisa who is living with them; a visit to the Catskill Mountains with the Edwards family; moving into the boarding house at 132 Bleecker Street; working on the publication ''European'' with Colonel Hugh Forbes; the death of publisher William Levison and his daughter Ellen in his boarding house; visiting the scene of the murder of a dentist to get a sketch of the suspect; visiting Newport, Rhode Island, on assignment to sketch for Frank Leslie; and the death of his brother-in-law, Joseph Greatbatch.
Subject:Boardinghouses; Bohemians; Gunn, Thomas Butler; Journalism; Medical care; Mental illness; Publishers and publishing; Travel; Women
Coverage (City/State):New York, New York; Newport, Rhode Island
Note:Thomas Butler Gunn was born February 15, 1826, in Banbury, England, and came to New York in 1849. During the Civil War he worked as a correspondent for the New York Tribune and the New York Evening Post. He returned to England in 1863, and died in Birmingham in April 1903. The collection includes twenty-one volumes of his diaries, including newspaper clippings, letters, photographs, sketches, and various other items inserted by Gunn. Diary entries date from July 7, 1849, to April 7, 1863, and include his experiences with the New York publishing and literary world, his descriptions of boarding houses, his travels throughout the United States, and his experiences traveling with the Federal army as a Civil War correspondent.
Publisher:Missouri History Museum
Rights:Copyright 2011 Missouri History Museum.
Source:Page images, transcriptions, and metadata of the Thomas Butler Gunn diaries have been provided by the Missouri History Museum.