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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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and heartless.          She s drifting back into ill-
ness again, from sheer vacuity of mind; goes out to
sleep with the equivocal female friends spoken of by Gladdy,
wants Mrs Pot to take an enormous house at an enormous
rent &c   everything by turns and nothing long.
  24.  Sunday.  Out for a long up-town tramp with
Haney, Jack Edwards and Rawson.  Left them at
40th street on their way to the Centrl Park and
went to see Mr Richard Edwards.   The Neff s not
returned from Jersey.  Stayed till 2, a social time with
the friendly Banbury man.   Back by cars.  To Chapin s
with Rawson in the evening, then to Edwards .    The
girls with Knudsen, the Dane, young Honeywell and
Jack had been to Chapin s too, and come in subsequent-
ly.    Cahill was there.   How pretty the girls looked
to be sure in their smart sping dresses   especially
Matty! what rose-red cheeks she had, and how 
good and innocent and kind they all are!
  25. Monday.  Down town by 11 to that d____d Omni-
bus Office and there sat two mortal hours waiting for
Britton.   Not wasting them, though; I had taken my
book and pegged away at that.   Britton didn t come so
I left, met Adrian, and rode up-town with Wilbour and
Adams, of the Commercial Times.   Talk about my under-
taking editorship and drawing of the Pic.   Good anecdote
told by Adams of Douglas Jerrold.   He characterized
Bourcicault as a  Louse, feeding on other men s brains, 
adding, tersely  d__n him!                 Drawing, writing,
Title:Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries, Volume Ten: page one hundred and ninety-six
Description:Mentions a visit to the Edwards family and taking a walk with Wilbour and Adams.
Subject:Adams (acquaintance); Adrian; Boucicault, Dion; Britton; Cahill, Frank; Edwards, Eliza; Edwards, John; Edwards, Martha; Edwards, Richard; Edwards, Sally (Nast); Gill, Rawson; Gouverneur, Adolphus (''Gladdy''); Gouverneur, Mrs. (Gill, Griffin); Gunn, Thomas Butler; Haney, Jesse; Honeywell, Charles; Jerrold, Douglas; Knudsen, Carl Wilhelm; Neff; Neff, Mrs.; Potter, Mrs.; Wilbour
Coverage (City/State):[New York, New York]
Coverage (Street):40th Street
Scan Date:2011-01-31


Title:Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries, Volume Ten
Description:Includes descriptions of an explosion of a boat on the North River, New York literary Bohemians, boarding house living at 132 Bleecker Street, his freelance writing and drawing work, the death of writer Mort Thomson's young wife Anna, working on the publication ''Constellation,'' visits to the Edwards family, a falling out with Fanny Fern over an article he wrote criticizing ''The New York Ledger,'' a rumor that Fitz James O'Brien is the heir to an Irish baronetcy, and a change of landladies at his boarding house.
Subject:Boardinghouses; Bohemians; Gunn, Thomas Butler; Journalism; Publishers and publishing; Women
Coverage (City/State):New York, New York
Note:Thomas Butler Gunn was born February 15, 1826, in Banbury, England, and came to New York in 1849. During the Civil War he worked as a correspondent for the New York Tribune and the New York Evening Post. He returned to England in 1863, and died in Birmingham in April 1903. The collection includes twenty-one volumes of his diaries, including newspaper clippings, letters, photographs, sketches, and various other items inserted by Gunn. Diary entries date from July 7, 1849, to April 7, 1863, and include his experiences with the New York publishing and literary world, his descriptions of boarding houses, his travels throughout the United States, and his experiences traveling with the Federal army as a Civil War correspondent.
Publisher:Missouri History Museum
Rights:Copyright 2011 Missouri History Museum.
Source:Page images, transcriptions, and metadata of the Thomas Butler Gunn diaries have been provided by the Missouri History Museum.