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	        English Country News.
 wretch of a husband;  her three younger boys
have employment on the Great Western Railway;
my mother hopes they ll prove more dutiful than
the elder ones.     Melisent Mitchell has arrived in
Australia; her mother has only one son in England.
Thus my mother: Rosa tells of her sojourn
in the country, how Sam invited Naomi to Rams-
gate, with Minny, for a fortnight; how George Gard-
ner has injured his leg by helping at a fire in
Banbury and can t walk; how Edwin Bolton s
 little Minnie  dances about at Neithrop; how she
(Rosa) went to Davids  house at Tadmarton, near
Broughton Castle, and how she met my Hannah
at Gazey s, with minor items.            Down town
as far as Reade Street by sunset, returning
up the Bowery.    In the evening, with Shepherd
to Bellew s.   Banks there and a brother-in-law
of Bellew.    Looking over caricatures of self, Haney,
Banks and John Wood and talking of Bellew s
lectures.   Banks and young Wheeler left; we re-
mained till about 11.
  12.  Thursday.   To Harper s: neither M.S.
read.  Looked in at F. Leslie s, anon up town.
Sitting with Shepherd when Jack Edwards came
up with a big basket of apples for me, part of
five barrels-full sent to 745 by hearty Bill Ro-
gers.     Morris up directly afterwards.  All of us
Title:Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries, Volume Eighteen: page ninety-four
Description:Regarding news received from his mother's and sister's letters.
Subject:Anna (Aunt); Banks, A.F.; Bellew, Frank; Bennett, Charlotte (Gazey); Bennett, Hannah; Bolton, Edwin; Bolton, Minnie; Davids; Edwards, John; Food; Gardner, George; Gunn, Minnie; Gunn, Naomi; Gunn, Rosa Anna; Gunn, Samuel, Jr.; Gunn, Samuel, Mrs.; Gunn, Thomas Butler; Haney, Jesse; Harper and Brothers (New York, N.Y.); Mitchell, Millicent; Morris, James (K. N. Pepper); Rogers, William; Shepherd, N.G.; Wheeler, Tom; Wood, John A.
Coverage (City/State):[New York, New York]; Neithrop, [England]
Coverage (Street):Reade Street
Scan Date:2010-06-14


Title:Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries, Volume Eighteen
Description:Includes Gunn's descriptions of the scene in New York at the commencement of the Civil War, his visits to military camps in and around New York City as a reporter for ""The New York Evening Post,"" boarding house life, the shooting of Sergeant Davenport by Captain Fitz James O'Brien for insubordination, and Frank Bellew's marital troubles.
Subject:Boardinghouses; Bohemians; Civil War; Gunn, Thomas Butler; Journalism; Marriage; Military; Publishers and publishing; Women
Coverage (City/State):New York, New York
Note:Thomas Butler Gunn was born February 15, 1826, in Banbury, England, and came to New York in 1849. During the Civil War he worked as a correspondent for the New York Tribune and the New York Evening Post. He returned to England in 1863, and died in Birmingham in April 1903. The collection includes twenty-one volumes of his diaries, including newspaper clippings, letters, photographs, sketches, and various other items inserted by Gunn. Diary entries date from July 7, 1849, to April 7, 1863, and include his experiences with the New York publishing and literary world, his descriptions of boarding houses, his travels throughout the United States, and his experiences traveling with the Federal army as a Civil War correspondent.
Publisher:Missouri History Museum
Rights:Copyright 2010 Missouri History Museum.
Source:Page images, transcriptions, and metadata of the Thomas Butler Gunn diaries have been provided by the Missouri History Museum.