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        Maverick, Nordhoff, Cahill and party,
   Haney, Miss Cooper   Mrs. Alf Waud & Sexton.
Post Office, where Maverick told me that Ripley
had lost his place through drunkenness.     Nord-
hoff, hearing of my intended return to the South, 
desired me to call before starting, with a view to
a double commission.   Up town; damp; left M. S.
for Gilmore.     Dozing.    Cahill and Shepherd
odiously drunk at the dinner table, and the coarse
ruffian, Mullen talking at me, for which I over-
hauled him, subsequent to their departure, and found
that the brute had taken offence at my not return-
ing a nod of his, two weeks since!   I was ig-
norant of the omission and supposed he had chosen
to champion the other blackguards; who came home
during the small hours, this day, and in their
bestial inebriety converted the staircase into a privy.
  Evening, to Haney s; he being temporarily in-
valided, in consequence of a sprain.    Miss Cooper
looked in and spoke to me.        Rawson Gill, it,
appears, has found employment under Thomasx
the ex-filibuster, who wanted me to accompany
him to Nicaragua.   Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Griffin
are still in France.
  17.  Friday.   Alf Waud s wife and her sister,
Mrs. Sexton called, both looking blooming. (I had
a gracious kiss from both of them at parting.)     In
the afternoon called, unsuccessfully, at Parton s
lodging, at Dodsworth s, then down town.    Met
Dr. Augustus Rawlings and somebody with him;
	x Bret Harte s  Thomas of Tigre. 
Title:Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries, Volume Twenty-One: page thirty-one
Description:Mentions a visit from Mrs. Waud and Mrs. Sexton and the antics of his fellow boarders.
Subject:Boardinghouses; Cahill, Frank; Civil War; Cooper, Lucia; Drunkenness; Gill, Rawson; Gilmore; Gouverneur, Mrs. (Gill, Griffin); Griffin, Theodore; Gunn, Thomas Butler; Haney, Jesse; Jewell, Mary (Waud); Journalism; Maverick, Augustus; Mullen, Edward F.; New York evening post.; Nordhoff; Parton, James; Rawlings, Augustus; Ripley, Philip; Sexton, Nelly; Shepherd, N.G.; Thomas, James
Coverage (City/State):[New York, New York]; France; Nicaragua
Scan Date:2010-10-18


Title:Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries, Volume Twenty-One
Description:Includes Gunn's descriptions of his experiences as a war correspondent for ""The New York Tribune"" at New Orleans, Louisiana, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana; boarding house living; a visit to the Rawlings family; a fight with Mr. Blankman at his boarding house; his journey on the North Star with the Banks expedition; the re-occupation of Baton Rouge by Union forces; a visit to a sugar plantation in Louisiana; and Fanny Fern's daughter Grace Thomson's death.
Subject:African Americans; Boardinghouses; Bohemians; Civil War; Gunn, Thomas Butler; Journalism; Military; Publishers and publishing; Transportation; Travel; Women
Coverage (City/State):New York, New York; New Orleans, Louisiana; Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Note:Thomas Butler Gunn was born February 15, 1826, in Banbury, England, and came to New York in 1849. During the Civil War he worked as a correspondent for the New York Tribune and the New York Evening Post. He returned to England in 1863, and died in Birmingham in April 1903. The collection includes twenty-one volumes of his diaries, including newspaper clippings, letters, photographs, sketches, and various other items inserted by Gunn. Diary entries date from July 7, 1849, to April 7, 1863, and include his experiences with the New York publishing and literary world, his descriptions of boarding houses, his travels throughout the United States, and his experiences traveling with the Federal army as a Civil War correspondent.
Publisher:Missouri History Museum
Rights:Copyright 2010 Missouri History Museum.
Source:Page images, transcriptions, and metadata of the Thomas Butler Gunn diaries have been provided by the Missouri History Museum.