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  how you gaze and gaze and are never satisfi-
ed, or like to be.     How beautiful that lunar
Rainbow, rising from the foaming abyss and span-
ning the troubled sea of waters is   how calmly,
fitfully, spectrally beautiful, quivering so, now
hardly perceptible, now its tints plainly discernable
  /   A ramble all round Goat Island with its
woody shores.     The mad, terrible waves rushing
on to fall with that drum-like thunderous sound
into the Cataract below .          Returned late &
to bed to the sound of Niagara.
  29. Thursday.  Cockneys off.   Writing up, then
to the American fall above, then below. Rowed
across in the boat for [unclear word].  To the Horseshoe
fall, there all the morning watching it from
above and below, Sitting just beside when the 
waters make the plunge.    Half a pie & ice cream,
then into the woods margining the river above
the fall.  Noting the troubled water hurrying on.
Had a doze in the shade.   Off, tramping along
a hot & dusty road, after a precipitous ascent.
Very pleasant to think I was in Canada .  Had an
agreable confirmation of it in getting English pennies in
change at a roadside hostel, where the man wouldn t take
payment for milk so I had beer afterwards. Per-
chance the good fellow thought I could ill afford it.
I didn t look very dignified, assuredly.   Pants tuck-
ed into my long, stout boots to preserve them from
dust and wet, no vest, throat all bare, and my
loose green coat carried over my shoulder on a stick.
White wide awake hat worn on the sunny side,
long and ruffled hair and yellow beard, long too
  this instance of goodnature in reprising money
shewed out is pleasantly in contrast with the usages
Title:Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries, Volume Four: page two hundred and nine
Description:Describes going to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.
Subject:Clothing and dress; Gunn, Thomas Butler; Nature; Niagara Falls (N.Y.); Travel
Coverage (City/State):[Niagara, New York]
Scan Date:2011-02-07


Title:Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries, Volume Four
Description:Includes descriptions of looking for drawing and writing work among New York publishers, boarding house living, visits to Mrs. Kidder and her daughter Lotty, the start of the ''Lantern'' publication and joining the ''Lantern Club,'' attending a ball on Governors Island, attending a lecture by E. H. Chapin, visits to Staten Island, and a visit to Niagara Falls.
Subject:Boardinghouses; Books and reading; Gunn, Thomas Butler; Military; Publishers and publishing; Theater; Travel; Women
Coverage (City/State):New York, New York; Niagara, New York
Note:Thomas Butler Gunn was born February 15, 1826, in Banbury, England, and came to New York in 1849. During the Civil War he worked as a correspondent for the New York Tribune and the New York Evening Post. He returned to England in 1863, and died in Birmingham in April 1903. The collection includes twenty-one volumes of his diaries, including newspaper clippings, letters, photographs, sketches, and various other items inserted by Gunn. Diary entries date from July 7, 1849, to April 7, 1863, and include his experiences with the New York publishing and literary world, his descriptions of boarding houses, his travels throughout the United States, and his experiences traveling with the Federal army as a Civil War correspondent.
Publisher:Missouri History Museum
Rights:Copyright 2011 Missouri History Museum.
Source:Page images, transcriptions, and metadata of the Thomas Butler Gunn diaries have been provided by the Missouri History Museum.