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Text for Page 011 [07-29-1849]

              29. Sunday. Calling on George in the morning 
was then and there informed by him that he, last 
night, being outside the shop, standing on the �stoop� 
did verily behold the spectrum, �double-ganger,� or 
bodily appearance of Dick Gunn pass by. May be. /
Over to New York together, and a walk on the Battery. Sun-
light, sparkling water, fresh breeze and philosophizing.
In the Afternoon he paid me a visit. 	Evening again to the
Battery, Joe being with us.
  30. Monday. To Bobbett & Edmunds, to Childs, (where 
I waited unsuccessfully and wearily for half an hour or more)
To Stringers. 	To Robert Roberts. To 136 Nassau.	 In 
the afternoon again to Childs. Postponement. To the publishing 
office of that estimable paper the �Scorpion.� To an Engravers in
Ann St.    To Wilsons again -a renewed treaty. To Butler�s �
an Engraver near � proposal as to �Cholera.� 	 Finally back 
to Jersey City, sad and half mad with the wearisome heart 
aching trying for work. 	A walk with George in the 
evening. Railed at Fortune and felt better afterwards.
  31. Tuesday. To Bonars, the lithographers and with him 
to Wilsons. 	Then to the �Era� Office. Then to Dunegans, 
publishers. 	Then Appletons. then Childs, then back.
Evening � with George and Joe to New York and under 
the latter�s guidance to a species of American �Cyder Cellar,�               
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