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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 101 [04-12-1850]

              to get sketches of the literary New York celebrities � a young French-
man, en blouse, trim moustache and Parisian politeness.   Got heads
of Bennett &c from his exquisite grotesque statuettes � unquestionably
the French have a fine eye for the ridiculous.    An hour thus, then
to Diedrich Knickerbocker�s favourite walk � the Battery.   Drawing in
the afternoon.   And at night in a very agony of anxiety about money-matters.
  13. Saturday.  Drawing, and conversing with Mr. Johns, (the Egyptian
Syriac and Turkish traveller) in the morning.  Afternoon drawing in my
dull room, when the nigger brings up a letter � the letter.   Hand-shakes,
heart beats, � letter opened.   A check for the sum due and a polite and
friendly letter.   God bless that man � �the Jew is indeed an excellent good
Christian.�  How can I pen my joy?      /	    To Broadway � then
to Wall Street � too late for the Banks.	Evening out with Hart
and Mapother, to Book Auctions on Broadway � trashy jokes and fellows
grinning at them.   Whiskey and cigar.    Saw a crowd of the returned
firemen who�ve been on a visit to Baltimore.   Band of music � the
�B�hoys in their red-shirts and helmets, and their �gallus masheene,� by
torch light.
  14. Sunday.  With Mr Hart to Trinity Church.  Stained glass
windows.  Not at all in critical mood, but the sermon did not please me.
It was clerical conservatism � all to the exaltation, and glorification of �the Church�
� not what the Great Apostle meant by the word, but the veritable institution�.
  15. Monday. To Wall Street, � cashed check. Call on Butler.   At
work on title for �New York Porcupine � till 10 at night.  Hardin Andrews
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