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Text for Page 110 [09-17-1853]

              awful thunder roar, loud-bellowing almost incessantly, terrible levin
glare flashing intolerable light, and the house rocking again.       An
in doors day. Waud found us at the Suttler�s store in the afternoon;
got a letter from Swinton, with $50 in�t.   /          Evening in doors.
I�m off to-morrow by the Pacific, and then hey for Kentucky and
the Mammoth Cave.
  18. Sunday. A dismally rainy and befogged morning, despite which
Waud & Hayes arrived.   Had a squabble with the former.  He, not-
withstanding his manhood & sincerity can be rude and brutal enow, when
he chooses, and methinks it grows on him.    This extreme don�t-care-for
anybody affectation of candour runs into ruffianism occasionally, nor does
frankness sanctify hand conceit, and ill-speaking of everybody.   He affects
the harshest notions of every body, and youre coarse gutter-phrases don�t
please my ear, nor do I like to be ridden rough shod by one with less
brains than myself.   Ability he has, (infinity superior in art than
my poor pencil-work,) manhood and jovial spirits he has, but that�s
about all.    A brute father has knocked nearly all loveableness out of
him.   Great is he in projects, marvellously Hell-s pavement making in
their carryings out.    Behind with the world, always in debt, � [word crossed out]
(being so particularly well-persuaded that he, with sticking to work, which
he never does � can make any amount of money;) willing to let any snob
divert and drift him from anything that aught to be done; he likes
your coarse common-place dogs who talk brothel-phrase, and shrewd vul-
garisms better than better men.       Three words of resenting some of
the big-boy practical jokes he plays off on everybody, will always produce
a butcher-boy threat of pugilism, from him.            I hate such outrage
on good-feeling, and gentlemanly �havior, and have been a score of times               
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