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Text for Page 112 [09-19-1853]

              19.  Monday.  Weather still rough, and few ladies at breakfast. As
the day drew on, it cleared up, though a brisk breeze still blew. Talk
with Noble & the Steward, fumigation & reading.   Stopped at nigh
sunset at Port Huron, in the Saint Clair river, (Lake Huron being
passed.)     A lumber-place, pretty.  Sarnia on the opposite shore.    On,
another stoppage, then to Newport, where we lay to all night.   I, with
Noble & others visit the E.K. Collins, a fine Steamboat, about to be
launched on the lakes, by Ward.       Meet Montgomery in returning to
the vessel.  Learn that Frisell is at Detroit, � the National.   With other
matters about folk.
  20.  Tuesday.  Breakfast over we are at Detroit.   Ashore, I shake
hands with Noble, and off, leaving carpetbag & pipe-stem at the Wa-
verly, first to the Post Office, and then close adjacent, to the office
of J S Newberry, the good-looking Attorney.  Soon he came in, &
greeting me with hearty hand-gripping, �gan telling me all the news of
folks; showed me all his Excursion letters, in the Detroit Tribune.
To that Office with him, introduced to Pomeroy its proprietor, & Barnes
& Warren, editors.  An evening paper, whig, weekly, tri weekly, 
and daily.   Pomeroy, dark haired, keen faced, shrewd, gentlemanly man,
the originator of �Expresses.�        Introduced to divers other folk, and
presently saw Campeau in the street.    He joined us, and as I, with
Pomeroy and a Mr Miller walked to the residence of the latter in
accordance with a dinner invitation, Campeau agreed to devote the
afternoon to my edification.    Newberry, refusing to dine with us, had
left us.       An excellent dinner, champagnes & wines accompanying.   The
three gentlemen present were all men of intellect, ability & position,
noble specimens of American character.       Miller, our host, a small, spec-               
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