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Text for Page 117 [09-22-1853]

              and business everywhere.   Leading into a open treed-space, park or square,
from which branch off fine avenues, with sty-lish houses, villas & private
residences, trees about them.   All the streets wide & well kept.   The
day, hitherto sunny & hot, (having overpowered the morning�s mist) gan
indicate rain, which however came not.       To and amid the market, �a
busy, cheery scene; some two or three hundred yards of street all thronged with
carts containing mostly country produce, stout former people there attending
Some had butcher�s meat, others fowls, fruit, vegetables of any improbable
size, there was brisk bargaining, chaffering, & money passing about, the Ger-
man dialect often heard amid the din of-traffic.          To the Post Office, there
to send, a letter with more guitar strings to Barth.    Got two �Times� at
stall.   Ten o clock & aboard the cars, & off.   Over bridge, and into coun-
try, low-lying, fertile though unpicturesque for a time.   Many places
did we pause at, the names of which I recollect not.       A new London,
& Greenwich were of the number.      �Twas tedious progression and very
dusty.   Fifteen minutes for dinner at 1 o�clock, then on again. Past
tree stumps, streams pretty & solitary looking in the hot afternoon, distant
houses, fields of Indian corn and towns, till at 5 we dart into a
great depot, and over 100 miles have been passed over, and I am at the 
capital city of the Buckeye state.     Tis a lovely evening as I walk up
the High Street, past a huge, handsome, unfinished building, which I knew
not then was the State House, by one or two large though not fine looking
hotels, good stores &c, and turning for brief space down a street branching
off from it, arrived at Swan�s �Elevator� Office.     A near, narrow, longish
building of yellowish baked brick, approached on one side by an outside
staircase, (the closed store below Swan, who had built and owned the
place, hadn�t been able to let.)        I went up, opened the door, and               
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