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Text for Page 118 [09-22-1853]

              was immediately welcomed by pleasant faced, good humored, fresh colored
Miss Compston.    She was setting up type, and Swan in a room
adjacent sat correcting proofs, to morrow being publishing day.  He gave
me hearty greeting.   I told him all that I�d done since our parting,
& all three had a good talk.   Wouldn�t hear of my going to an hotel,
so locking up the office, we all walked home together.  To a longish
one story house, situate one corner of a street, little garden all round
and locust trees enshading its front.    A sort of covered way with vine
over-arching it in the rear, born & stable.       Introduced to Mrs Swan,
and two visitors, there staying, here attracted from Zanesville, by Universa-
lists Convention, the elderly man who spoke not much, but went to Church
after supper, which we all partook off in a room to the rear of the house.
There�s plenty of young Swans.       There father did not go out with his
guests, but we sat talking, and about 10 I went to bed, a very
comfortable one, on the sofa; thinking much of what good people there were
about me, how much true, kindly hospitality had been shewn me, and
what little parade or ostentation about it.       I do like and honor these
western people,  the more I see of them, and �tis a noble country that
produces them.
  23.  Friday.  Up, a hearty breakfast, and to Swan�s Office. He
was busied all day about the paper, Miss Compston also, and a son of his,
and two men.    I read, took a ramble, but not far until the afternoon;
when I set off for exploration.    The Court House, a pretty white columned,
red brick building, green trees refreshing the eye in front, and on the little
cupola above, a pure white statue of Themis standing out clear against
the bright unclouded blue sky.   Wide streets and quiet houses slumbering
in the hot sunny, idle afternoon.        Rambling past the State House I en-               
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