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Text for Page 102 [04-16-1850]

              16. Tuesday.  Work on �Porcupine� � finished it in the afternoon.
Called at the �Life� Office, and at the �National� theatre, for the pur
pose of seeing Chauprau.     Crossed to Jersey in the evening, and at the
boot-store found old Collinson, who hath found occupation at Newark.
Got boots, and then to Hauns, and mounting sky-parlour found Hughie
lying in bed, Sandy sitting fumigating by.   Half an hour in talk,
then left. (This day changed room, to one in which Bryant has.)
  17. Wednesday.  Called at Hardin Andrew�s office, and left sketch
with Mearson. Then to Butlers. Then to the Sunday Dispatch Office �
to the Atlas, � where the head-hitter, a �gross fat man� bade me
call again on Monday.   Walk around the East-river, and by the Bat-
tery Duane-wards.   Evening out with Hart and Mapother.   I
call at the �National� and see Chauprau � get his consent to dedi-
cate �Mose� to him, � (he about to visit England or there-anent.)    In
the �Arbour� with Mapother and Hart. Fine billiard-tables; � saloon
, men playing dominoes, picture of naked Bacchante lying in lazy
languid, luxurious position.      In the crack New York Bowling
Alley, �ten-strikes� players &c.   Looked in at Book Auction,
then boarding-house wards.
  18. Thursday. With Hart and Mapother for a days vagabon-
dize � latter with gun. Rode from Chatham Street to York-ville
in crazy, creaking, jolting omnibus � driver a hunch-back.  Saw
the unfinished upper part of New York. Dusty roads, white frame               
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