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Text for Page 120 [09-23-1853]

              lent order, very cleanly, & the work performed of first rate quality.
Quitting the building and skirting the quadrangle, we found a tame
Bear, who was chained to a place, and walked round in a circle
in the sunlight, a long piece of wood attached to the rope by which he
was tied.       He was not large, and seemed sluggishly discontented &
sleepy.            Shaking hands with the friendly Virginian, I left him at
his houses & sought Swan.    His paper being out, he could accompany
me in farther rambles.        To the little river Scioto, noting its bridges,
& works, to the site of the old state house, with talk of it & of
the growth of the city.           Another ramble after supper, & calling at
an hotel the �Buckeye House�     I made the acquaintance of an Eastern
man, travelling Gunpowder selling towards Indiana.      He, learning my
destination, after some talk gave me invite, urging me to take part
of his vehicle, there to see the country by the way.    But inasmuch
as time served not, I declined.           Back to Swans & the friends
having departed, I occupied their room.             Bought Hawthorne�s �Twice
told tales,� this evening.
  24. Saturday.  Out, Swan accompanying.   To & over the
State house, still in progress.       A vast fa�ade, Green Doric columns,
great, spacious, handsome rooms inside.  Senate chamber, hall of Assembly,
corridors & officers, all extensive.   Solid stone & brickwork.  The building
will cost $10000, and prove a noble one.       Many prisoners at work
I saw.       Thence to the bridges, & churches, which latter are
all adjacent.      The Medical College, a large, hybrid, fantastic
affair, Norman arched windows, turrets, bay-windows, buttresses, little
stone galleries with arch & masonry fantastically shaped below & above,
Tudor arches, & ones of perfectly original continuance, � a curious, absurd,               
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