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Text for Page 122 [09-25-1853]

              are all spacious and luxuriously furnished, and system perfect.  Strolling
to the side of the Ohio, the waters low & shrunken by the hot
summer, ungainly flat boats of elonged square-shape there lying.  On the
Kentucky side of the river are Newport & Covington, the latter partially
situate on hilly ground, which farther on slopes still higher.  Lumber
yards and manufacturings, unpicturesque enough, apparently left high and
dry by the river, running far down at the bottom of the shelving banks,
adam which dirty channels meandered; � this on the Ohio side.    A walk
about the city.    Tis truly the New York of the West.  Fine stores,
and handsome streets innumerable, many churches, handsome private
residences.    �Over the Rhine� as they dub the district beyond the Canal,
you are in Germany.  Lager Bier shops, Gast houses, & Teutonic
signs everywhere, Deutschemen & their vrows promenading.  By
11 back to the Hotel, a suggestion of turtle-soup for lunch, then
a miscellaneous read at newspapers until 1.      Dined in state   Me-
thinks one glides very easily into the art of living in lordly style.    I can
sit in an immense room, where some hundreds are dining, lean calmly
back in my chair and go over a most comprehensively Sardinapalian bill
of fare, selecting a tasteful dinner and leisurly go through with its dis-
posal, with due appreciation, as well as any Duke.      A self distrustful
man sat beside me, who when the waiter enquired Would he take his
roast beef rare or well done? replied that �twas no matter which, � anything
would do.       I don�t think that�s paying proper respect to a good dinner,
& a mortal who can�t appreciate one is an imperfect creature.  Machiavel,
who was wont to dress himself in full costume when about to read the
ancients, �because�, said he �I am now going into good company.� might
be paraphrased in slightly different manner, touching dining.     My               
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