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Text for Page 123 [09-25-1853]

              �Sun� acquaintance Richardson appearing, I with an acquaintance of his, 
a Mr Crippen, of the Cincinnatti Daily Times set off to see more
of the City, they acting as guides.      The �Queen City of the West �
has few fine public buildings, � all to be built.   Court house &c are
plain buildings.   At the latter, & the �lock-up� where were three
or four unhappy drunkards, in sort of cages, some sleeping on the
hard wooden benches, and one arguing with prolix drivel on the justice of
his incarceration.       To a place where was kept a massive, steam worked
Fire Engine, invented & patented by a Cincinattian, & produced at a 
cost of $2000.   It is partly propelled by steam power to the scene when
needed, partly by four horses.  And say my two informants, it has proven
a great success, almost making other machines useless.     They have paid
Firemen in Cincinatti, as at Boston.           Talk of the Hog slaughtering &
curing business, which [ivas?] the main-stay of this flourishing city.  Into
an omnibus & Crippen leaving us, with guide I crossed the Ohio,
an ugly ferry boat to Roselle�s dwelling, (becoming acquainted with a
railroad man, by the way.)    Richardson left soon, I stayed talking
with Roselle till 10, on books, races, Berkleyism & metaphysics
&c.           His son piloted me to the river side, where after waiting for
some time, beside a flaring brazier projecting beside the dark water
I was rowed across is skiff, with other twain, and having re-crossed
Mason & Dixon�s line; back to the Burnet house, meeting only two
drunken Teutons by the way.
  26.  Monday.   To the Office of the Cincinatti Daily Times, there
to call as promised on Crippen.    Introduced to Lock and Taylor &c;
looked over building.        Then, by 10 to the �Burnet� to keep appointment
with Goodin, whom I met on the way, and who handed me over to the               
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