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Text for Page 105 [04-24-1850]

              portfolio of specimen drawings: � they in their home-purity, �
simple unquestioning belief in God and the Bible, ere the coarse
world sadden them � a kind thought from one such gentle
heart would be as an angels blessing.  God bless them.  / 	   Return.
After dinner at work coloring �Mose�, proof of which arrived in the
morning, before my going out. Don�t please me at all � [word crossed out] �
[line crossed out]
[words crossed out].                                                    Evening with 
Hart and Mapother to the Clinton Hall.   Fowler & Wells lecturing on Phreno-
logy. (Common-place plaster-of-paris-phrenology. Bumpologizing; � a
great sciecce contemptibly and inelegantly set-forth. Bah.      Returned
and the fire-bells ringing consumedly, we three, and Scotch Hunter set
off.    Arrived in John Street, fire out; � but the �masheenes� travelling
on, and pedestrians the same, we follow in the wake.   Hurrying down
Wall Street, � anon the atmosphere becomes dense and painful to respira-
tion � a ruddy glare in the distance.   Arrived at Coeuties Shop � and
we�re at the scene of action. A store in Front Street on fire, � burning
downwards � blaze shooting up aloft in the cold night air, thick smoke
blurring out the pale moon gliding silently on.  A busy throng of gazers,
b�hoys with their �engynes� working heroically, � huge pots of water,
shoutings and clamour, dull heavy noise of the engines being worked, �
hoarde bowling through trumpets, red flannel shirts and helmets, � hurry
skurry, here, there, and every where.   The fire progresses � wind
wafts sparks across to a house in the rear, � and soon that is in flames.
And then, how awfully beautiful was the scene; � when the red blaze
lit up the distant windows, � the shipping, � the anxious faces of               
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