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Text for Page 152 [10-03-1853]

              winding  one, about three or four high, and people have to progress tripod-
ically, lamp being carried in fore paw. This avenue is 1 1/2 miles in length  /    But 
pursuing the regular line
of march, from Washington�s Hall, through the Snow ball rooms,
the whole low ceiling of which is covered by gypsum incrustations like to dama-
ged snow balls.  Mary�s Bower and Virginia�s Festoon follow, also
a deep cross fissure in the nipple-studded Mammiliary Ceiling.    The
last Rose of Summer is another sentimentally named prettiness.   A short
avenue turns off here to the right, leading to the Grotto of Egeria.
But we now enter Cleveland�s Cabinet, which includes, I think, the
two miles to the end of the cave.   A wide avenue, not very high, its
ceilings all curious with carbonate and sulphate of lime mimicries; Acan-
thus leaves, roses, lilies, leaves, shrubs and I wot not what else.
Diamond Grotto is studded with bright sparkling points, which wink and
glisten in the lamp glare, rarely; Saint Cecilia�s grotto with various crystalli-
zations, some containing Epsom Salts.    Charlotte�s Grotto, (so named
by Stephen in honor of his wife,) is also beautifully fantastic.    All these
names I may have not given in their proper order, � �tis difficult to do so,
even for those who know the Cave thoroughly.      /        These grotto avenues
past, you issue forth on a savage mass of loosely piled rocks, hight the Rocky
Mountains.  The bluish glare of a Bengal light shews a vast cavern,
the remembrance of which might make a Nightmare more horrible.   To the
right and left, and straight before you, it stretches off into blackness, colossal,
jagged, and hideously rent and distorted rocks around; a mount of sharp
edged, angular, wickedly-shaped stones a hundred feet in height to
be first asscended, then descended, for the Rocky Mountains run sheer across the
Avenue.       An ugly bit of travelling, where I got about my twentieth fall.
Upwards from the Dismal Hollow we climbed, and pursued our way of the
avenue straight ahead.     Ten minutes or less brought us to where a very
hazardous descent down dank rocks on our left conducted us to Serena�s               
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