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Text for Page 154 [10-04-1853]

              fellows for comrades and entertainers was tempting.   On the other hand there
was the excessive protraction of my ramble, already much longer than contem-
plated, letting work drift for a season &c.     But inclination got the better
of duty, I � who never look half so much as I should do at disagreables
beleaguering the path leading to the desired end, unwisely enough, agreed
to go.        My inviters, (I hade to keep them company, as it proved for
close upon a month,) are these.  Oliver Kellam, a good-looking manly-fellow,
who might sit for a portrait of Tom Jones.  He has brown hair, grey eyes,
white teeth, (which a hearty laugh shows pleasantly,) a hasty disposi-
tion, and curses very energetically when in a passion.   Withal he�s a very
frank generous impulsive sort of fellow, who may in life do much good,
or ill.    A Louisianian born, he is ward to a grandfather, and will
be in part, his heir, to plantation and negroes.     He played the devil at
college, then travelled three years in Europe, the East, and Africa,
from which expedition he has not returned over six months.    One of
his companions in this was another of my inviters, Keene Richards.
Rather slender in shape, with a keen face, and full large eyes; � I at
first scarcely noticed his worth, and good claims to respect and liking.  A
just, self respecting fellow, who never swears, drinks naught but temperance
liquors, and controls his temper admirably.  He�s a lover of horses,
and has imported three Arabs, with J Ross Browne�s �Yusef� to
attend on them, who is now in Louisiana.      Believes in Spiritual Knock-
ings, and that he is a medium.   Altogether you begin by respecting,
end by liking him.       Maurice Keene, his cousin, and the remaining
one of the party, reminds me in many things of George Bolton.  Not
that he has Georges imaginative, melancholy temperament, but in his prac-
tical, every day side.  He is quiet, self confident, self reliant and
shrewd, does things without parade and ostentation, but effectually.   He
is a Kentuckian born, loves his native state with an ardor which is un-               
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