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Text for Page 106 [04-24-1850]

              the lookers on, � the busy ones of the firemen; �when the tolling
of the bells rang the �general alarm�; � when showers of ignited,
charred wood fell around, thick and constantly, (strongly sug-
gestive of the rain of fire in Dante�s Hell:) � when Engine after
Engine arrived, how grand was it.     Hurrying to and fro with
Mapother; � now in front of the blazing building, now lending a
hand to work the �masheene� along wid der b�hoys.   One o�clock
� the houses gutted, and we, tired and wet returned to our
boarding-house � home.     Little did we think then, that one
poor fellow lost his life there � but so it was � John Guire � fireman
of one of the companies, being in the upper part of the building, fell through
the open hatchway (through which goods were housed up, � and which
had, carelessly been left open)  and shortly after died from injurys thereby
received.    Poor fellow � poor fellow!  God bless his memory and com-
fort his wife and family.   Far nobler death was it than on battle field �
nothing had he to gain by his exposure of life and limb but honor, and
all honor be to him and all of his class.    Fond of a fight and excite-
ment as they may be I do honor the New York firemen � they are
veritably Men.
  25. Thursday. With Hart and Mapother to Front St, witnessing the reek-
ing and blackened remains of the fires.  Here we first heard of the death
of the poor fireman.  /     Left them in Nassau St, and called at Wells
and Webb � then Bobbett and Edmonds � then Atlas Office, then to               
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