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Text for Page 107 [04-25-1850]

              Duane and dinner.    Afternoon coloring �Mose�
  26. Friday. Coloring �Mose�.   Evening out with Mapother. Left
him at Jersey Ferry; � crossed and got boots left to be repaired when last
there. Then returned, and a Broadway walk with Mapother.    At Duane
� an alarm of fire in the streets, and we rush out; � but it proving nought
return, as do the b�hoys and their �masheenes�.
  27 Saturday.  Coloring �Mose�. Very irritable and queer.
  28. Sunday. After cold bath, et cetera, took a stroll, with the in-
tent of church or chapel-going, but finding myself in the Bowery, called
on Empire City Moore, where I also saw Hawkins � the fellow�s rascally
face not at all improved by the scissors of justice having clipped his flowing
locks � Bah! fellow�s a skunk.	     Afternoon out with
Hart and Mapother, to Broadway, and Grand, where after waiting
some three parts of an hour we witnessed the funeral procession of poor Guire
� All the firemen of New York had turned out in honor of it; � the line
being some two and a half miles long, maybe three, bearing suitable
inscriptions, each with crape on the left arm.    A fine body they are too.
This is right, and I like it.   Evening rain prevented going out.
  29. Monday. Coloring �Mose�, in Hart�s room, in company with Mapot-
her � (Mr. Hart having some daily employment in a Jersey City Office �
Mapother a pleasant, ingenous young fellow � not sensual in his talk,
and with home-affections strong in him. 	Evening with him to the
ruins of the fire, where this day, seven other men have lost there
lives, by the falling of an adjoining wall.   There it stood, all
murky and black � the dirty pods and beams in the street, �  a               
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