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Text for Page 108 [04-29-1850]

              stream of water splashing downwards from an upper window on fire.
What a death bed for the poor fellows.  This has been a sad affair
all through. /    A walk on the Battery, myriad of bright stars
above, the wind and waves high beneath.  Talk of Creed and
Future Life.
  30. Tuesday. Finished coloring �Mose�.  After dining, with
Mapother to Wall Street, where I despatched them to Philadelphia.
Then, by the fire-ruins, (where men were engaged in throwing
out bales of burnt cotton) � to the East-River.   Upon one of the 
Piers, opposite Brooklyn, gazing and speculating a la Spectator.
A lounge on the Battery then to Duane and supper. (Enclosed a 
letter to Hart in the drawings, stating my disappointment in the drawings
and offering to re-do them all on wood, free of charge, if he would go to the ex
pense of engraving them.
  1. Wednesday.  Brief walk after breakfast to feel the morning air on my
face.  Being the First of May innumerable household migrations in progress
cartloads of chattels, carmen, confusion immutable and universal. Back
and desultory drawing in company with Mapother till sunset.   Evening
a ramble with Hart, Mapother and Joe Greatbatch, who resumeth hence-
forth Holtein sojourning. (Probably feeling the incompleteness of his own
character, he half-unconsciously yearneth for relief from such vapidity
and therefore resolveth on a renewal of boarding house existence.)               
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