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Text for Page 188 [11-03-1853]

              {3  Thursday       All these days sick, and confined to my room.
  4  Friday.       A bilous attack, like to the one experienced on the
  5.  Saturday       journey.  Could take nothing but soups or tea, vo-
  6.  Sunday.}       mited sometimes, and one day had horrible cramps &
spasms.    Pill taking and purging.    A dreary, monotonous, painful
time, slightly feverish and delirious at night.     Oh those weary nights;
to lie perspiring horribly, blankets heaped on you, quite sleepless,
restlessly turning round and round, your mind dwelling on some wearisome
topic you couldn�t change.      To run over all sorts of past, half-for
gotten events of your life, to fancy New York, � England, home, to
think you might die here, away from every face you know.   To hear
the dogs howl throughout the live-long night, and the dull bell be-
tokening the upproach of another wearisome day.   To fancy the vast
cotton-fields without, the woods, swamp and cane-brakes, and the
Mississippi rolling onwards to the sea.   To picture home hen the
news came �   I wish not to recall it any longer.   It was a 
most wretched time, and I was very sick.        They were very kind, and
attentive to me.      /        Mr Alick Keene was sick also, about this time,
having the �Chills� very badly.    /        I got a letter from Waud, in reply
to one I wrote to him from Alabama.         Oliver Kellam came over to see
me once or twice, and wrote me a friendly letter.        When I was up,
one or two days I kept my bed, I read.      Divers books, among them
that strange one of Borrows hight Lavengro.   There�s good stuff in that
  7.  Monday.   Able to take a walk to the river and back.  Still
very queer.
  8.  Tuesday.   Kellam fetched me over to Wilton Hall in the
buggy.   Didn�t stir out much.    His grandfather is out on horseback all
day, coming home only to his meals.   They keep house together.  Kellam               
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