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Text for Page 109 [05-01-1850]

              Walked down Bowery, and visited �Fancy Fair.� /	     Joe�s
transparent-snobbisms � (harmless enough in all conscience) � set
me musing as to How Much I�m a Humbug and how much of 
me is True.  Strict self-Analysation is a very surgical operation.  That�s
a fine intense epithet of Shelleys  �Self-Contempt � betterer to drink
than blood.�    Common-place nature is free from both mental-pleasures
and miseries in extremes � in the former it rises but to sociality �(prosy
sociality) � in the latter sinks to �the dumps �� (a very expressive term.)
Nota-Bene. Not to let my Approbativeness (Phrenologistic jargon that!)
get so much the upper hand in converse � haven�t I enow whim-
whams and mental maggots of my own to squeeze out, but I must act as
Mote-puller-out to the other numskulls who won�t take the trouble to do it
for themselves.  Nobodys worth the trouble of convincing (�common place
nobody) � who wont kill his own fleas.
  2. Thursday. Walk. Called at Ann St and saw Scorpionic Mearson.
At �Atlas� Office.  At Baden�s-engraver.     Drawing and making pretense
of so doing all the rest of the day light.   Letter from Boutcher, dated 2nd
of last month.
  3. Friday.  At work on the Abbottoran design in company with Mapother.
Evening in my own company.
  4. Saturday.  Brief walk in Nassau St � then yesterday re-iter
ated.  On returning however I found Bridgens in my room � he
however soon quitted, and was off for Philadelphia. Will correspond.
 /   This same day did I first set foot in America, twelve-months
ago.  Much the same amount of the Mammon-devil had I in pocket,               
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