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Text for Page 196 [11-18-1853]

              I am reminded by a conversation I heard at Cairo, of the Very Worst
plea put up for it by the South, and one in more universal use than 
would be supposed.        It is, justifying it by the Bible.  Keene Richards
tried this once to me, arguing thus.    That as it was no-where explicitly
condemned by Our Saviour, he approved of it.     I do not think he saw
the horror of investing that most Divine, Sad, Suffering, All-Wise,
loving nature, with such a sentiment.      He would not allow that the
broad, universal, awful �Do unto one another as thou wouldst be done by�
had any bearing on it.       He saw not that Christ�s teaching dwelt not on
details, varying ever with age and time; but laid down broad, universal
principles, catholic, immutable and eternal as God himself.  Said
I, I�ll justify steamboat explosions in the same manner, He of Nazareth
spake no word against Mississippi captains.    /          But to my Cairo
anecdote.    One man spake of a slave he owned, that he would not sell for
$20,000, being attached to him.  Another, acknowledging the feeling, said that
he�d sell anything he had, but wife and family, could he make profit on
it.  Sell or buy, all was the same, quoth he.    �Well!� said the other
�niggers are an article I don�t care to deal in !       I don�t like it, in fact!�
�Then� said his opponent, emphatically, as if clinching the matter �you
don�t believe in Scripture!�  And it actually passed current as conclusive,
and the man was silenced!    /                 In England now, it exacted a little
surprise that Mrs Stowe should devote part of her book to showing that the
spirit of the Bible does not sanction Slavery.         The matter will be a historical
curiosity, some day.
  19.  Saturday.  All day steaming up the Ohio, which river I think,
becomes prettier as we advance.  /    Writing most part of the time.   For a very
long time have I been hatching on intent to write a long, carefully thought over
story, the which notion has been present more or less distinctly during the
last two or three years.   Now, during the dismal Alabama and               
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