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Text for Page 197 [11-19-1853]

              Mississippi rides, I matagrabolized out much framework into sequence
and connection, which had lain dis-jointed in my mind for many a day.
And on the Mississippi I resumed thinking of it, stretched out plot and
characters, the which I am now at work with.      If I can hold to fixed
purpose, despite conspiracy of little circumstance waves beating against good resolve
day by day; I shall effect something.       Without overweening confidence, �
(very humbly I write it, in truth) � I think I�ve the matter for a book in
me.        The trial will do me good, come what will of it.     Many an hour shall
I find, in New York, which might be right well employed, as I propose.    I
almost fear this may prove a square of Hell�s pavement, as I�m so confident
now in resolving to try it.
  20. Sunday.     Reaching Louisville at 3 or 4 in the morning I still
slept on, as completely as the din would permit of till 6; then leisurely tarrying
amid all the movings to and fro of porters and hackmen; with some thirty folks
took breakfast, knowing we�d have over much time at our disposal for reading
the Cincinatti & Pittsburgh boat   More turmoil, and by 8 1/2 I stand on
the sloping bank.          The boat desired lay three miles farther on, and in
hacks drays & omnibi folks were toll toting themselves, and baggage thither-
wards.     One gentleman had bought two live fauns from Mis-
souri, (designing them as a present to a lady,) & had much dif-
faculty in getting them into a wagon.   They, alarmed at the letting-
off steam by the steam-boats, kicked and leapt about so that the ow-
ner feared for their limbs.    Putting my baggage on this vehicle I,
with a companion set off for a walk through the suburbs into
Louisville.     Twas a dullish day, the bare trees in a little island
in the Ohio looked brown and wintry, the roads were rather muddy,
there was little in the landscape attractive, yet that walk was
actually exhilarating; � to be again striding along, feeling you
were a pedestrianizing creature.           A long three miles, and               
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