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Text for Page 110 [05-04-1850]

              as I have now, � perchance I am as little increased in wis-
dom as in coin.        But one thing � oh one thing! sends a
sharp, fierce, impatient sick thrill through my heart �
Dearly! deeply! passionately loved Mary � I am No Nearer
you �			(Commenced letter for George Bolton)
  5. Sunday.  With Mr Hart to a Universalist Church. As eloquent
and truly Christian a sermon as ever I had the good fortune to hear.  The
text chosen from the Gospel of the loved Apostle � the last prayer of Our
Savior.  The words �That they all may be One.� And thus was
the Preachers mode of coducting it.  Firstly he spake how that divine
prayer had not in one Sense been (as yet) answered � yet in another it had.
Of the infinity of Creeds � and how they had strayed so far from the spirit of
their divine founder, as to hate and persecute.  Finely and unexaggerated
epithets did he apply to each � the papal tiara overtopping the crown of
earthly monarchs, � the stern puritans of the heaths of Scotland and Plymouth
Rock, � men iron without and an iron creed within; � the cold intellectuality 
of the Unitarian; the fiery sudden emotion creed of Wesley and Windfield:
two Transcendentalist, who had discovered the Christ of the Bible to be
�a Christ of Nature and Morals.�    Of the darker shades of Creed-bicker-
ing � the racks of the Inquisition, Smithfield fires, Huss, Servetus,
Sicilian Vespers and Saint Bartholomew.  /   Of the cause of this.
A mistake as to Faith � that it was forced upon us as proceeding 
from the intellect, in place of springing from the Affections. This               
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