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Text for Page 200 [11-21-1853]

              nuisance, changing cars again.    Delay and complaint.    A musically voiced
lady and children on the way to New York, child suffering for want of
water, which at length was gotten.      An impracticably stupid Irishman with
a strongly scented wife who quarrelled with the conductor.    A stream of un-
happy people looking for seats.   Night, rain, and fire-sparkles outside.
Onwards, and in time to Dunkirk.  Struggles for baggage, then de-
livering it into the care of the New York & Erie line, entered cars with
the knowledge I should�nt quit �em till I arrived in Jersey City. By
this time it was about midnight.
  22. Tuesday.  Onwards we held at a brisk pace throughout the
remainder of the night and day.     It passed wearily, uneasy sleep, and
more uneasy awaking; till, the cars being less crowded I lay on a whole
seat, with carnivourously-smelling bear skin for a pillow, and slept.
Short stoppages, at the usual places; one for breakfast, (which I ef-
fected on remainder biscuit.)   On over the well-known Erie road, now
bare and brown, and by 6 o�clock, (some tedious waiting occurred,
for an emigrant trains delay necessitated it,) � into Jersey City.  Very
wet it looked too, with its muddy streets, and great water pools.
On to the ferry-boat, and Aha! Goodly New York again! � Heaven
bless it!        Sombre as it looked, (it had been a rainy November day,)
it was with almost an home feeling that I tramped up to the Duane
Street Depot for my baggage.   Half an hours waiting, then up to
the old, well remembered corner of Reade & Broadway!   There was
a light in Swinton�s room, and in the farther one the knave Wright
was working.     Swinton was in, and heartily glad I think to see me,
surprised withal.   There was an enormous lot of newspapers awaiting me.
Went up-stairs and unlocked the door which had remained closed for
three months, two weeks space.     I had, on leaving closed the outer blinds,
but left the windows wide open, wherefore the room looked as though               
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