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Text for Page 202 [11-23-1853]

              half an hour�s talk, Newberry went off for the Crystal Palace.   He had,
last night opened, from the west.     Waud tarried longer, giving me news,
then left.  I to work again.    Effected clearance of old clothes by rigging out
small urchins who came up to sell matches.    By nigh 3 I had nearly
reduced room to order, and got hungry.        Dined at Erford�s.  Got hair
cut.     Went to old place in Canal Street & had warm bath, rasping and
shampooing myself to an intensity of cleanliness. (When, yester-evening I arrived
in New York, I looked like unto a very haggard, dismal Californian.)  Then,
feeling comfortably clean in every garment; to Mulberry Street.   Found Mary
Anne, but Mr Greatbatch and boys soon appeared.   Letters awaiting me.
Supped with them, stayed till 7 1/2, then to room.    Wrote note to New-
berry designing to leave it at his hotel, but met him in Broadway, while
on the way thither.     To Thompson�s together, had a stew, then to
Erford�s.   Parted at 10, and I to my room and bed, there to uninter-
ruptedly read home letters.  /    I�m not ashamed to write that I cried
over �em.         O home! O dear mother, never more deeply loved
than now; lying so deep and close in my heart � what will the meet-
ing with ye be?            My mother & father have been to Neithrop,
on a visit.       There�s two railroads to Banbury, two termini; and the
old town is lit with Gas!     It is laid on in the old farm-house.
Uncle and Aunt looking � older; Henry �stout,�  William, a coal-merchant,
and �beau� � bah !          George quiet & studious � as wont.   John, married,
in wool trade at Ensham.     Dick a chemist at Sunderland, � Edwin, a
pinafored spoiled child in my recollection, trying grocer trade in Banbury.
Rosa & Sarah Ann discontented with house-drudgery.  /   The [word crossed out]
Chacombe folks � now God bless them! � are well, and
happy.        They haven�t forgot me.   The old grandfather is 88.        The
old Priory is empty again.       /      Kate Gardiner, whom I recollect, as
visiting us in John Street days, is dead, & has left four children.  /   One               
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