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Text for Page 203 [11-23-1853]

              thing she did I like her for, named one of her children Naomi, after
my mother. /         Ann Bezly�s character is queerish in Banbury & Blox-
ham, the due sequence of her life.            John Edwards has opened a tavern
near Southfield. /             Of London folk there are items.  Whitelaw
has absconded, deeply in debt.     I knew he was an infidel, 
(letter from Boutcher, a year or twain back,) a 
 /      The Barths are �very grand� now, both the
girls engaged to well-to-do men.   Mrs B, from my mother got the
news of her son�s re-enlistment, and incloses a letter to him in 
one to me.   Mine is brief, talks of the �many trials her son has given
her,� that he �had need strive to repay her for what is past � &c � it�s
kind enow to me, personally, and hopes I may be �quite a rich
man, by the time I come home to bless my dear Mother � �
	Oh my own true-hearted, loving Mother, right well do I
know not a jot or little�s difference in thy love will that matter make to
thee! Let me become the miserablest creature, halt, lame, blind, �
and sure and stedfast as God�s love will my Mothers warm, brave
woman�s heart still cleave to one of her children.     I fancy any one
speaking ill against them to her! � the strong faith and belief
and love she has to us. /        I recollect how comfortably resigned
to the idea her son was dead, Mrs Barth had got. (I have the
most awkward memory of such matters.)  �Ah!� quoth she �with
a fat sigh, �it�s a great grief to me.�               I doubt not she felt
his absence, but much in my blessed Aunt Mitchell�s way; � there�s
a great lot of bosh, show off, and approbativeness mixed up in all
her feelings.           And the smug, little, pushing, go-ahead money-making,
self opinioned Mesmerist who, forsooth, because Barth didn�t come
home to be bottle-washer to him, must write his paternal abuse               
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