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Text for Page 204 [11-23-1853]

              of his son�s innocent wife, � whom he didn�t know.       An energetic,
highly respectable, little quack is Mr Barth Senior; and
I don�t bow down and worship any such.      Barth�s was an impru-
dent marriage perchance, � but �twill prove the wisest thing he�s done
for many a day.    He, before, squandered his money, knew knaves and
harlots, and was always in debt.      Now he has pure, home pleasures,
a simple hearted girl to wife who loves him dearly and a home.     /
Why, my brother Sam�s is an imprudent marriage in Mammon�s eyes,
and how does my Mother speak of it?      She is tenderly anxious for their
welfare, speaks of �dear Samuel and his pretty wife,� how �industrious�
and �persevering� he is.       And the fellow himself writes me the kindest,
the heartiest, and most brotherly letter in the world. [words crossed out]
      He has a shop in the Walworth Road, with big red,
and blue lamps, a six roomed house and little surgery.   (By
Jove, into that shop I mean to walk some day and surprise him,
how I can picture up the scene!)     He loves his little wife dearly,
strives hard and looks forwards bravely to independence.       A friend
lent him money to start  (my Father, as usual, never does any
thing that way.)     He and his young wife take little Sunday excur-
sions together � to Greenwich &c � how I can picture it, and love
them for it.     Says Sam �You wont refuse to shake hands, and
say a kind word to her.�    No, by Jove the Thunderer!   Neither
Edwin or Charles have.  
I�m sorry for it.         Samuel is hurt by it, and asks if they are
jealous of his doing more than they, his being ambitious of a position &
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