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Text for Page 207 [11-25-1853]

              Lots of news from him.   Wilson has 
 left the �Times�.      Seymour does the dramaticals &
O�Brien hardly anything.        Down town to Nassau Street.  I to Genin�s
hat-buying, then with Welden to Times Office.   Up-stairs, and 
saw Raymond.     Got paid for three or four of the �Lake Superior Letters�,
which have appeared. $37  Such crowding of matter about elections & stirring
news that there�s little room for literary matter, other three letters stand
over.     I suppose they�ll appear, in time.             There�s been all sorts
of reports ending me.   One by yellow fever.      And Barth�s flame
written from Mackinaw to Waud, announcing my imaginary journey in
company with young Mac Elrath, squaws & Indians, to the Great
Slave Lake, had sold everybody magnificently.       It sprung a mine
in quite unlooked for quarters, for the Tribune people hearing of it,
Mac Elrath senior sought Welden, & got the false news, becoming
briefly apprehensive about his son.          �Where is the Slave Lake?�
quoth he  �Good God! � he�s only a boy!  And to think of such a journey
in winter too?      Why it�s the maddest thing! And what sort of person
is Mr Gunn?�        Finally he�d resolved not to mention it to the boy�s
mother, as it might seriously alarm her.          Mac�s return of course
put �em to rights.  (I & Welden met him in this morning�s walk.)
  Well, I, quitting the Times Office, dropped in at Strong�s. He had
been burnt out, losing very considerably, but the energetic little tramp had 
got his �notions� out, despite fire, and was at work as if only inspired
by ill-fortune.   I like Strong.         Called at Wells & Webbs, got
$2 1/2 of blocks, met Picton & Hutchings, called at Spruce Street,
saw Alcock; called on Price, saw Bellew in the street; here there
and everywhere doing a hundred necessary things then back to room.   At
7 Welden came and with him to the Hope Chapel, he having to report
Holmes� lecture on Scott & Macaulay.     Lively, epigrammatic, but               
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