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Text for Page 208 [11-25-1853]

              shallow.      Scott, the grand old Tory was only characterized as a 
healthy writer, � you might have condensed it all to that.   Nought of his
good nature, his plucks, his industry, � nor how he & Coleridge indi-
retly helped to beget Puseyism, a notable thing in this day.     And
of Macaulay he only proused, �Horatius� as a fine blood-stirring ballad.
(The lecturer did not propose to consider the prose works of either, except in-
cidentally.    A half faced way of doing things.)          Ale at Erfords with
Welden after.
  26. Saturday.  Visited Levison at a handsome room in Price Street,
where he & wife were.       Arranged about my taking Picayune work again,
contracting drawing & engraving for $21 weekly.        Down town; dined, then
to Brooklyn, met Seymour returning, walked up to the Park with him.
He�s at feud with Dion Bourcicault, about a plagiarised play of the latter,
recently produced at Burton�s.      /          To tailors, got breeks and bought a
big wrapper, hybrid twixt cloak & overcoat, hight a �Talma.� 
[words crossed out] $16 for�t.             An evening at home, in my cock-loft,
stove cheery as a stove can be, a candle in bottle, (temporary substitute
for lamp, while under repair;) Waud with me, tods & a cigar & books.
Damoreau up for an hour, to borrow Tristram Shandy.
  27. Sunday.  Over to the Fulton Hotel Brooklyn, dining with Waud,
and Brightly, who lodge there. (The latter has been doing a fine thing, sa-
ving a man from drowning at the ferry, & the rescued snob walked off with-
out thanking him.   /       There was an Artist also, dined with his us, one
Stone, (friend of Hewell, whom we met at Catskill.)   He, Stone is
a tall, handsome fellow, with longish curling hair, Vandykish beard &
dandy neckerchief & cloak.         We all crossed to the Battery by the South
Ferry in the afternoon, (after a stroll on Brooklyn heights, where I met
Morse, � the Nassau Street one, not Mrs K�s.)   Up to Sherwoods
by Lispenard Street, tods & talk and cigars.           Parting with them at               
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