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Text for Page 012 [07-31-1849]

              up �Bowery.� Imbibition, fumigation and harmonizing 
by male and female performers.	A few Scotch songs well 
sung � and nigger ones perpetrated in a series of shrieks 
and gasps � lady singer in such a hurry that she�d could 
not wait to finish one line ere she began another.
  1. Wednesday. To Wilsons. It being ascertained that 
the �getting up� of �Cholera in Gotham would be 8�p cents each 
copy, and as they would but sell for 25, the obese indi-
vidual there presiding declined having them. Called in at
Bobbett & Edmonds � then to Childs � saw Yankee Jocelyn, 
then to Jersey.		Evening, needing a pair of �pants,� 
made an acquaintance with a Germanic, polish, Englishified
Schnieder � possessing an English wife, divers children, and 
a great dislike to America. 	A walk about 
the treed street of Jersey with George, subsequently.
  2. Thursday.	 To the Schneider again. 	A call in at 
the Pork Store. 	Afternoon to New York � Childs�. Got 
the MS Fairy Tales to look over, and take with me.
Reading it the rest of the afternoon. 	A walk with
G and J, ending in a game of dominoes.               
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