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Text for Page 111 [05-05-1850]

              that many believe who could not (who can?) tell the detail why
and wherefore. Women and poor fishermen heard Him gladly ��albeit
they could not find reply to Pharisee objections. For His Preaching
was to the Heart and the Affections, from which sprung all good. The
intellectual Greeks� reply �We will hear thee again of this matter� to
the great apostle. /    That as all admit a God (the veriest savage)
and a Future spirit existence � (^|facts| not arrived at by intellectual reason-
ings � but innate in the Heart.) � so do we admit the duality of Jesus.
That there should nevertheless be no Compromisings � that Christians
should come together more, so that the Sectarian taxes should be scattered to
the Winds.    That in this Nineteenth Century all the verge towards this
Universal and Catholic Faith.  And that in this sense the prayer
had been answered.  That as �by their works ye shall know them�, the 
Christian could not be shut out from the belief that such men as Pascal
Jeremy Taylor, Fevelan were �with him�.  That we had Christians
of all Kinds abroad in the world, Peters, eager and foremost, Johns
full of intense love, Pauls bold and trumpet voiced � and that
though differing �they were yet one.�    Most guarded was the Preacher 
too that he might not run across the frail barrier which divides truth
from error.    Most practical too, pointing out to all that they
must be like Him, their master, in Heart like him to be Christians,
and that in no way could they better shew this than in their daily
life and converse with others.
  6. Monday.  Drawing on the Abbotsian subject. A note from               
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