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Text for Page 210 [11-29-1853]

              old English books.   One I must get Herbert�s Poetic works.        Walked
back in rain drizzle at 11, no cars overtaking me.        Reading
Curtis �Potiphar Papers� a downright clever �Vanity fair� book on
New York society.
  30.  Wednesday.  A note and boy from Weed.    Writing till 1 1/2,
then dined, and down town.    To Weed�s for block, Strongs, Tailors,
Mc Afee�s & other places.         Returned by 4, Ben Haun called &
left.      I to Savings Bank for $30.    Over half an hours waiting in
the long queue of folks, during which I finished the Potiphar papers.
Then to supper, and room.  /     Reading Aristophanes.  Plays
which half a century before Our Saviours birth shook the sides of Keen
witted, laughter loving Greeks.  Strange is it, after all that solemn tramp
of nigh two thousand years, with the rise and fall of empires, the
mighty names born, the deeds piteous, terrible, divine & heroic � to be
reading these plays!        A new, neat, cleanly-printed English volume.
What was England when Parthenon-building, Pericles ruled Greeks wit
nessed the performance of these?     Ultima Thule � savage Northern
land, dire forests engirdled by strange seas, peopled (to the imagination
of the Greeks) by a race of monsters with dog�s heads surmounting a
human form.    /                      Very Pagan are these dramas.  Witty,
poetic, they are, but there�s no finger pointing heaven-wards.    They
are wonderfully ingenious in epithet and phraseology.    And also very
Punchy, � they remind me of Punch!          There�s the same buf-
foonery article, and shrewd common-sense within.  They discuss public
matters, political and social, ever with a sound verdict. /         In
the �Birds� there�s a downright �Bombastes Furioso� scene; � where
the Dead Man bargains with Bacchus about carrying baggage into Hades.
     /     Waud & Damoreau called, singly.  Waud being going up-
town wards to drill; and looking in at 10 1/2 after wards.               
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