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Text for Page 211 [12-01-1853]

  1  Thursday.   In-doors, drawing all day.  �Picayune� pictorial.
Hewel & Waud came up at noon, and earlier Welden./      Evening
reading Carlyle�s Essays.    Nibelungen Lied, Burns, Murabeau.
  2. Friday.   Hillard called, having yester-night arrived, from
Milwaukee.  He�s now residing with a brother 91, West 12th, and
projects abiding the winter in New York. /             I down town, Picayune,
Office, Weeds, tailors, Wells & Webbs, Goslings.     Return, room &c
dined.      Evening, Mr Alcock came for me.  To Spruce Street with him,
then by 3rd Avenue cars to Prince Street.      To Levisons.  He & Glover there.
Talks about drawings.    Left them, walked down Broadway, supped and
to room.      Wrote a long letter to Samuel.
  3. Saturday.  Down town, to Post Office & other places, breakfasting
at Goslings.     Return by noon, and drawing all the afternoon.    Waud
came up by 5, and left soon.      Took a meal at Erfords, amid a haze
of Saturday night�s tobacco-smoke and loud talking Englishmen; then wal-
ked up the brisk cold clear Broadway night to Prince Street to Levison�s,
leaving a drawing with him.    Thence, to the Gymnasium, where I found
all the fellows as of old, Gymnastic Cadets, Bogert & among �em putting
on their theatricals for parade.         Gave up key to John Wood, got things
there left & return to room.  Thence to Beach Street, where I found Mrs
K and Morse playing Euchre together.          Sate and talked, or rather was
talked to.     Got my $10 re-paid.       Lotty has gone to Washington,
so she writes, the Baltimore company broken up, she singing or playing.
What a curious parade of mother and daughter affections the two play at
in their letters, both too so utterly hollow and selfish! Mrs K parades
imagined feelings in Lotty, talks how Whytal endeavoured to �stab her
through slandering her mother�s fair fame, �  how �she bore with him for               
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