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Text for Page 215 [12-07-1853]

              fessedly fine overtures are but harmonious discord to me.    I love
simple tunes.      /              Hillard and I went to Shelleys for
some oysters afterwards, and parted at 11 1/2.
  8. Thursday.     Indoors all day, drawing and matagrabolized.
Evening came Damoreau, and Hillard, just as I had sat down
to Carlyle.       The former leaving, I presently went out with Hillard,
ale at the Shades, and talk,  I walking up Broadway with him sub-
sequently, parting nigh midnight.
  9. Friday.  Down town, Goslings, Post Office, Wells & Webb,
and call at Bunnell�s room in Ann Street.       He�s now in the
news agency business for California, has little to do save two days
in a month, and just rubs on.  Talk of the fire  &c .  Carroll
came in.  Left, met Bonar, and Picton.    Picton�s progressing
downwards with considerable proclivity, I think, looks disreputable
and sottish.    The man has abilities, and education, and a certain
alertness of brain, all to be muddied by Native Americanism and
alcohol.             Back to room and drawing.      Hillard came at 5,
and Weed, with Picayune cuts.       Send him to Office with �em.
Had set to reading, when Waud & Yatman came.   The
latter has queer excitable ways with him, shouts out a question as
to a book, or object in the room with as much precipitation and vocife-
ration, as though the house were on fire.   Withal he is inquisitive, danda-
ical, geologically-read, and good-humored.            /             They having
gave, read awhile, and commenced letter to Boutcher.  I marvel
where he�ll read it.
  10. Saturday.  Drawing busily till 1, then dined at Erford�s,
Neagle, and actor there.  Down town, at Picayune Office, Wells
and Webb &c.   Back with a pile of blocks and little clock, the               
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