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Text for Page 216 [12-10-1853]

              which I had left for reparation.   Drawing for half an hour, then
again to Picayune Office.    Got $25 paid for this weeks drawing
& engraving, and drawing the Pictorial included.    To Weeds &
paid him.     Much tumult, crowds returning from a Pearl Street
fire.     The Harper�s place said to be burned down.    Back, drawing.
Supped at Taylors, then made a drawing.    Evening thus & reading.
  11. Sunday.  Came Damoreau.   /         I, having dined
at Gosling�s crossed to Brooklyn, and at the Fulton Hotel cal-
led on Waud.  He was upstairs in his room, writing a letter
for a Pole who lay on the bed, and who was about to start for
Australia.    Brightly coming up, Waud, he & I crossed to
New York together.    A mid, genial, sunny, idle day.   To Frank-
lin Square, where a great crowd was assembled gazing on the
smoking, blackened brick heaps, and the huge gap extending
all through to Cliff street, where ten huge buildings have been 
burned to the ground.      Chaotic piles of smouldering ruins, a
smother of white smoke offending the sunlight; (house fronts on the
other side of the street in half ruins), one huge chimney standing
up in the gap, scarcely discolored by the flames.   Newsboys selling
copies of �Harpers Magazine�, besmirched and blackened for a
cent each.               They say the Harpers have lost a million of $
by it, perhaps it will amount to half the sum.        Two hours
in the middle of the day did it all.
  Now had I, two days back, idly turning over these then
blank pages, been told � �that leaf will contain a brief putting
down of the total destruction by fire of Harpers big buildings;� �
what an amazed sort of interest it would have inspired the blank
page with!      Had the blank book, with the like intimation been               
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