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Text for Page 217 [12-11-1853]

              handed to one of the firm, what a rueful interest he�d have had
in it!        Yet it all lay quietly hidden in that Saturday afternoon,
To Be.      A plumber pitches a match with a pan of camphene,
and lo � the result.      
I wonder how few men speculate on where the tree grows which will
accommodate them with coffin-planks.      Far away perhaps, yet they�ll
get together in due time.   What sort of a room shall I die in?
Maybe, some one will read this, who�ll � know.          I know
not that, however.      /                            Parking with the twain
Waud & Brightly on their way up town, to visit Darley, I went
to my room, and had been there but few moments when Royal
& Bush came.       They live 488, 8th Avenue, whither I ac-
companyed them in the cars, supped, and stayed the evening, tal-
king of my journeyings & a plan of building a house, which Royal
has at Fordham.          Left at 10, care, called at Beach Street,
and heard, well content thereat that Mrs K was invisible, so home
to Carlyle on Doctor Johnson, and bed.
  12. Monday.  Drawing busily.  After dinner, up to Levison,
to show him cuts.   Return.        Reading Haw-
thorne�s �Scarlet Letter� all the evening, Hillard having lent
it me, calling this morning.            A book of marvellous power, 
and intensity.
  13. Tuesday.  Down to the Picayune Office. Returning,
drew hard all day.  Hillard called and sat an hour or twain
in the morning, Waud in the evening.      I visiting till half
an hour past midnight, to Boutcher.
  14. Wednesday.  Up town to Levison, where I met Alcock.
Down town to Weeds, Picayune Office, Hutchings &c. Dined,               
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